VLOGMAS Is Over : Final Thoughts

Well that’s it VLOGMAS is over! It was my first one, and I have to say it may well be my last one. Back in September/October time I very eagerly and easily said I was definitely going to do VLOGMAS. A video up on my channel every single day in December.

My upload schedule was already 3 or 4 times a week, so how much harder could it be!!!
I pre-recorded around 8 videos in November. I was going to slot them in randomly throughout December so I could have a day off filming every few days.

It didn’t quite work out that way. On the 1st December I got a really bad cold. For a few days I completely lost my voice, so I ended up using all my pre-recorded videos straight away in the first week. This now meant I had to get a video up every day for over 3 weeks in the middle of the busiest time of the year. I can honestly say it was so so much harder than I thought it was going to be.

I tried at first to keep to my blog schedule too. By the middle of December I had to admit defeat and tell myself I wasn’t putting any more posts up until after VLOGMAS. That was a bit hard as I’ve tried to keep to my schedule for a few months now.

This made it a lot easier to concentrate on the videos. We were just so busy with everything, especially Cerise and her panto rehearsals, and then all her shows. I would film all day and wherever and whenever I got the chance, I was uploading the little clips on YouTube. This way I only had to edit and clip it together when I got home. Very bizarre moment uploading my clips at the same time as watching Ray Quinn and Cerise and her dance team rehearse together.

Of course this meant like most people that did VLOGMAS late nights every single night, 1am I’d still be editing.

On Christmas Eve, for some reason I came down with another cold. I was so near the end and I knew once I uploaded our Christmas day vlog I was more or less done. I had pre-recorded the 4 older ones gifts as I couldn’t show them before Christmas. That just left New Years Eve which I was just going to have as a chatty video about new year plans.

I truly take my hat off to daily vloggers. I had toyed with the idea of daily vlogging before this, but I now know my blog would really suffer. It is such hard work. When you watch the videos you have no idea just how much goes in to just a 10 minute clip.

So would I do it again? I’m honestly not sure, I’d definitely know this time what I’m letting myself in for. I genuinely did enjoy making most of the videos. But I would have to have a longer think about it than I did this year.

Here is the playlist for my VLOGMAS:



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