Our Weekly Round Up | No.20

Our Weekly Round Up

It’s been a while but it’s time for our weekly round  up again. I’ve just finished Vlogmas  over on YT so I had taken a small blogging break. All back and ready to start 2017. If you fancy a look this is the playlist for the whole of Vlogmas

I hope you’ve had a fab Christmas and New Year. We had a lovely time but like so many people we were struck down by coughs and colds bleugh. It’s taking so long to go as well, cough is really lingering.

Cerise in Cinderella

In the run up to Christmas we were so busy, Cerise finally did her Panto shows at the Echo Arena, she loved every minute of it and so did we. It was a lovely opportunity for her.

So our week starts on Boxing day.


Casey had been sick Christmas night, so no one was in the mood for much food today. I was meant to be doing a big Buffet for dinner but there was no point if no one was hungry so everyone just sort of picked at food today.

The day was spent opening boxes and setting up toys, mainly for Carson, we only opened a couple on Christmas day as we didn’t want to overwhelm him. He was happy playing with his shopping trolley and tea set all day.

Boxing Day


This was James last day after having two weeks off, we both felt really unwell and to be honest just stayed in our PJ’s all day watching TV. All the kids felt better today so later in the evening we played a few of the games they got, Think Words and Silly Sausage were our favourites. We had a few treats and nibbles, loving all the sweet packaging this year.


James went back to work today booo!, it’s been such a lovely two weeks. He’s not off now until after the new year. It was the first day the banks were open as well so we paid a few bills and got a top up of milk and bread. We had another Turkey roast dinner. I enjoyed this a bit more than my Christmas dinner, it was a bit more relaxed. Casey went out on his new scooter, the girls finished putting all their Lego amusement park together and Colby is stuck to his new laptop.

LEGO Friends Amusement Park

After James headed out to work, I watched Ethel and Ernest, an animated film based on the parents lives of author and illustrator Raymond Briggs it was a sweet little film and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.


It was back to doing a bit of work today. The kids took most of their presents up stairs and I took the tree and decorations down. I used to leave it all up until January but the last couple of years I’ve loved waking up on New Years Day and it being all fresh and tidy. Although it’s all boxed up in the conservatory until James is next off and he can put them up in the loft. Casey’s new football table is out there as well so it’s a bit of a no go area at the minute. Carson has been looking adorable in his new PJ’s and dressing gown.

Gingerbread PJ’s and dressing gown


My break from vlogging blogging and all social media ended today, I’ve had a small break while pre recorded gift hauls went up on YT. I wrote a blog post explaining my 2 week absence and did my final vlogmas video.

The Weekend

We kept the New Year pretty low key, James was working and I still feel pretty rough. I honestly can’t believe how long this cough and cold is lasting. We ordered take away pizza on New Years Eve and played games until midnight.

Silly Sausage a real favourite now

At midnight the kids played out in the street with their friends for half an hour while I spoke to James on the phone the neighbours set off fireworks and it rounded up the evening nicely. James and I debate every year if he should work, but it really is the busiest night of the year for taxis and he’s just had a couple of weeks off so it makes sense.

New Years Day I was so pleased there was no hangover. We had a really lovely roast beef dinner my favourite meal this year it was so nice.

I lit my candles for my mum and dad. This has been the first full year without my mum and I was thinking about her a lot I know it sounds really silly but sometimes it really hits me that dead means dead and that it’s forever my brain finds it hard to comprehend.

Mum and Dad

So that’s the end of our weekly round up and the end of our year. It’s been a year of lots of new things for us. Our YouTube  Channel, Our Blog, Courtney started high school, Cerise doing the Panto, our holiday to Florida. It’s been a good year. This time a year ago I was on my knees with grief, time has definitely made it better and now feel able to carry on.

Finally thank you to all who have read my blog and watched my channel I really appreciate it. Happy New Year!

See you Soon

                         Kelly x


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