2016 A Look Back, 2017 A Look Forward

2016 a look back, 2017 a look forward

A year ago I was on my knees with grief. I had just had the worst year of my life losing my parents, my mum the day after my youngest Carson was born.

This year I’m in a much better place, of course I still have sad days but I think that’s just normal. 2016 I threw myself into making the loneliness I felt since my mum died ease off.


I started my YouTube channel and of course my Blog and just fell in love with this whole other world I’ve joined.

As a family we had two holidays, a trip to Devon with some friends, and our much awaited trip to Florida. It was the highlight of the year and the kids loved it.

Courtney had a trip up to Scotland with the school, her first time away on her own. She had such a good time with all her friends. She then threw herself into doing the dreaded SATS. I cannot put into words how much I strongly disagree with these tests, but she worked hard and got good results.

She then had her prom and left primary. This year has seen the biggest change for Courtney. She told me a couple of days ago that 2016 was her best year yet. She started high school and it hasn’t all been plain sailing but she loves having a bit of independence that high school brings.

Colby has grown so tall this last year and has now gone past me. It’s such a strange feeling having your baby bigger than yourself, you never think it will happen.

He’s doing so well at school and he’s a good kid. The next couple of years will get tougher as he heads for his G.C.S.E’s,

The twins tuned 10 and seem to have grown up overnight. I’ve always considered them the babies, but the gap between them and Colby and Courtney seems to be closing. I love it when they all interact with each other, you can see all the different personalities coming through!

Cerise won her part and did the Cinderells panto at the Echo Arena, which she worked and rehearsed really hard for. We enjoyed the show so much and she loved every minute of it.

Lastly Carson had his 1st birthday, learned to walk and talk (well a couple of words anyway) and changed from baby to toddler.

All in all a lovely year. We made some really lovely memories and I’ve realized that 4 of my children are rapidly growing up and are not that far off becoming young adults themselves.


So here we are at the start of another year. I don’t take anything for granted and have no idea if this time next year I’ll be able to say it was a good year. The four years my mum was ill was horrendous, but I know that it can always be worse.

Our plans this year are to keep the kids on track at school. All 4 are doing well and enjoying it. I of course want to carry on with my channel and blog. James as always just wants to keep everyone happy and have a simple life. (I love him for his outlook on life, he is the most uncomplicated person I know and admire him for it.)

We’ve started looking at holidays and are maybe looking at Easter time. Of course it will have to be a last minute job as we’ve left it a bit late. Tenerife is the likely contender at the mo but that could well change.

A few house and home bits need doing we’re just not sure what’s going to take priority. Carson  moving out of our bedroom is probably first on the list.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2017.

See you soon

                 Kelly x



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