Our Weekly Round Up | No.21

Our Weekly Round up

Well, our weekly round up this week saw the new year hit us with a bang. It was back to school, activities and routine for everyone, although James had already been back to work for a week.


Bank Holiday Monday today. My cold is still in full flow and doesn’t seem to be any better than a week ago. I now haven’t been outside the house for 10 days, bit of a record that. I didn’t need any shopping as we hadn’t eaten as much over Christmas and I was trying to keep my neck and chest warm. I needed to sort all the washing out today as I just hadn’t done any for over a week. The kids go back to school on Wednesday and will need all their uniform. The boys had a footy match in the afternoon, and we set up the girls Lego on the table and did a little review on it.


I finally went out today. First thing we went to the uniform shop, Colby needed a new blazer, we dropped him back home with some throat lozenges as he felt a bit unwell. The rest of us then went into town, The kids had some Christmas money and I needed to get the boys some school trousers. It was pretty quiet which surprised me, we headed straight to Pandora as there’s always a long queue. Courtney got her birthstone ring she wanted and Cerise bought yet more Tsum Tsum bits. They both then got a couple of bits from Smiggle and Casey bless him just wanted a few packs of Match Attacks. You can see their little haul here:

We then went to take Casey to football and the girls to dance. Football wasn’t on but dance was. Cannot believe we are back to this routine already. We settled down quite late to watch Silent Witness. We have been looking forward to this for a while now but wasn’t sure when it was coming back on.


It was back to school today, I think they were looking forward to seeing all their friends and telling them what they got for Christmas. James finally moved the Christmas decs from the conservatory and put them up in the loft. That’s that for another year.

I went to ASDA for the first time in two weeks, we needed quite a big shop. I then picked up my new phone that had come in to Carphone Warehouse. I’m not due an upgrade until May but they let me have it early with a phone trade in.

We had a relaxing evening in. There were no after school things to do so the boys watched a match on TV, and I tried to come up with a new schedule for blog posts and vlogs. I still don’t kow how I want to go forward into the new year with both. I’m at a bit of a crossroads with both.

I wrote this post about the past year and few plans for the 2017, I just need to figure a few things out and how best to utilise my time. Vlogstars this month is coming up in a few days, and the subject is Our Goals so I can explain a bit more then.


We went to get James a new phone today, he dropped his about 6 months ago and it smashed. It was that bad he got a bit of glass stuck in his finger last week so he really needed a new one. We went in Curry’s to get it and they also gave him a £50 gift voucher which was good.

The girls had ballet, and while they were there Cerise managed to get a final picture from her dance teacher of all the cast from the panto.

Cinderella Cast


We went to Speke retail park this morning. I was looking for a storage box for some of Carson’s new toys, and James got a new phone cover. I also got Carson a new little shopping trolley, the one he got for Christmas broke the next day. We’ve started letting him walk a bit more now and he just looks so much more grown up.

Carson 20 months

The Weekend

The kids didn’t do much the weekend. They were all so tired, Colby was still unwell and Cerise has got an unsightly coldsore. I caught up with work and sorted out Carson’s toys so they’re not all over the living room. The girls helped me make a big pot of Chilli on Sunday which turned out really nice. They like helping with cooking but don’t often get the chance. Cerise spent most of the weekend begging us to let her start gymnastics on a Monday. We could do without adding another day of activities really, but we’re going to let her try it. More fool us ay.

And that’s our weekly round up for another week. As usual you can watch it all live:

See you soon

                Kelly x



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