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Colouring Books. If you know me, or you watch my YouTube channel, you’ll know I spend a fair bit of my spare time colouring in. I’ve always loved it right from a little girl.

Even as an adult long before the newly found fame of adult colouring books I would get the children’s books out when they’d gone to bed. I always had my own “nice” pens to use which I kept safely out the way of their scribbling hands.

So what is it I like about bringing these pages to life with colour. Well one of the main reasons is that it really helps me to relax. I can get totally engrossed in a picture but at the same time it helps me process all my thoughts, especially if I’m feeling overwhelmed or have a lot on my mind.

Usually if I feel like this, I pick a more simple book, nothing that has to much detail and I can just use felt tip pens. My newest book is ideal for this.

It came from Smiggle, a new one opened up in Liverpool a couple of months ago and the girls love it. Every time we go to town that’s where they both head.

There are 48 designs which are a mix of pictures and patterns that are simple and pretty. Here are a few I’ve completed:

I don’t claim to be any good, especially with felt pens. I call it kid colouring, pencils always look a bit more professional and there’s some absolutely fantastic pictures on Pinterest.

My favourite pens to colour with are the Staedler Triplus Colour. They’re not too thick and not too fine and they don’t bleed on most papers.

If I’m in the mood to do something a bit more challenging or intricate, I use pencils and one of Johanna Basfords books. Enchanted Forest is my favourite but all her designs are beautiful.

I never get bored of colouring in I can spend hours doing it. In fact my four oldest have now more or less outgrown it. They haven’t looked at their books for a while , so I guess they can hand them down to me.

This is a video of the colouring books I have, there’s quite a few but I’ve been collecting for years.

See you soon

               Kelly x



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