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When I was pregnant with our youngest Carson, I was worried about the 12 year age gap between him and our oldest Colby.

Oldest and Youngest

This is one of my favourite pictures of them and as you can see I worried needlessly.

We never intended such a big age gap, the older four were born with less than four years between them all. It was when Colby was around eight that we thought about having another, My mum getting so ill was why we delayed it.

I had watched the older four grow up together and I knew this time they would be at completely different stages of their lives to Carson at least until they were all into adulthood.

I have to say this really bothered me. I had visions of them not really having time for him, or playing with him and maybe Carson just generally getting on their nerves sometimes.

I felt sad that they would have a whole childhood full of memories of the fun they’ve all shared together without him.

Carson is now 21 months and I laugh at myself for thinking like this. He has all four of them wrapped around his finger, to the point I sometimes step in and tell them not to always let him have his own way.

Cerise does a lot of play role games with him, like tea parties and going to the shops. Casey has already got him dribbling a football, I think Casey is made up that he’ll finally have a football buddy one day. Courtney is great for cuddles and giving him a sneaky chocolate button. It’s really lovely to watch them all.

But it’s his relationship with Colby that melts my heart. Colby is definitely in full throes of teenage mode. He spends a lot if time in his room and only speaks if he’s got something important to say, and even then he’ll use as few a word as possible.

When he’s around Carson he’s completely different, he gets down on Carson’s level and has got the patience of a saint when trying to teach him things. He can now stack up a tower with cups in the correct order as Colby has persistently shown him which colour and size goes where. He reads to him, gives him plenty of cuddles and will take time out of his day, not to spend time with me and James, but to have some time with his baby brother.

I’ve noticed recently that Carson reacts differently to Colby. I think he sees him as another adult and will go to him over the other 3 if he wants a cuddle and I’m not in the room.

It’s been a real pleasure to watch them all welcome their new brother, after it being just the four of them for so long. I definitely didn’t need to worry about it, they all have their own special place in our family, and the age gap will close when they’re all adults.

See you soon

                Kelly x



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