Our Weekly Round Up | No.22

Our Weekly Round Up

Our weekly round up this week saw the weather really turn cold. We never got any snow though, the kids were disappointed as usual. I don’t think Cerise and Casey can even remember the last time it snowed. We had a light dusting last year for about an hour, but the last time we had lots of the white stuff they were only about 3 or 4. Colby and Courtney can remember though, they remember Chase was a puppy and he nearly sank in it when we took him for a walk. James ended up carrying him.


James ended up having today off work. Cerise had begged us all weekend to let her go to a new gymnastics class. It’s not to far from us but runs for 2 hours from 3.45-5.45 pm. It would’ve meant James going to work late so he took Monday and Tuesday off instead of Tuesday and Wednesday. She was over the moon and we went straight from school. A friend from dance was there so that really pleased her. She enjoyed it and can’t wait for next week already.

We went to ASDA but I only got a small shop this week as I still had so much left from last week.

Colby was really unwell today with a cough and sore throat. He went to school but really should have stayed off. We settled down later on and watched Silent Witness, love this programme.


James took the car back to the garage he rents it from, as there’s an engine fault light that keeps coming on. They’ve give him a Skoda to use for a few days. Colby stayed off school it’s really rare for the kids to have time off but he just looked so unwell. He’s got no appetite and stayed in bed for most of the day. I managed to get a few videos done while James was at the garage as he took Carson with him.

We had a pretty relaxing day for the rest of it, playing with Carson. He finally managed to build a tower with his stacking cups in the correct order. He was so happy with himself.

Carson finally did it


James went out to work during the day today for a change. He was meant to go back to-night, but will now go back tomorrow night. Colby was off school again today. He did feel slightly better today and came downstairs with me and Carson for a while. Of course being Wednesday we had our only night off together where there is no after school activities so it was nice to relax. Cerise has done nothing but practice gymnastics all week trying to perfect her splits as she can only do it on one side.

Get them legs straight


Colby felt a lot better today, so went back to school.

I needed a few bits today, but instead of going to ASDA we decided to go and check out ALDI. We haven’t been there for a couple of years since Carson was born. We had a good look at everything and the prices, but still came out a bit underwhelmed. plus points were the nappies, baby wipes, toilet rolls and washing tablets could be a massive price save if I tried them and liked them. I also thought the cheese section and bread section were better than ASDA, and the kids packed lunch snacks were a bit cheaper as well.

But I still don’t think I could get a full weeks shop in there, and I thought a lot of the fresh fruit and veg were the same price and sometimes a bit more than ASDA. Milk was more expensive and I just couldn’t find so many items for our dinners.

I would get a few bits from there, but for a main shop I’ll probably stick to ASDA.

The girls had ballet and James went back to work.

My colouring post went live here

My relaxing time


Lots of housework today, it’s always like this the day after James goes back to work. When he’s off we treat it like a weekend as this is when we have our time, he very rarely has Saturdays or Sundays off. So nothing has been done for a few days except washing.

The girls were pleased when they came home from musical theatre and said they’d been picked for the competition squad at dance. They didn’t get a solo but they were pleased to be put in the group squad although different ones.

The Weekend

Colby was pleased it was the weekend he’s still not fully well. Although he was looking forward to the match on Sunday, James got them a hotdog and Everton won 4-0 to Man City. 3 very happy boys.

Cerise practised her back flips on the furniture all weekend hmm.

Courtney had her friend sleep over on Saturday and had a lot of fun making cookies and making sweet glue sticks with Starburst sweets, an explanation can be heard in this YT video of random girly chats.

As usual you can see all this weeks action on our weekly vlog.

Apologies for a bit of a delay on our weekly round up this week. James off on a Monday throws my routine out of the window. (yeah let’s blame James)

See you soon

                  Kelly x




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