Our Weekly Round Up | No.23

Our Weekly Round Up

I can’t believe I’m writing this in the final week of January, that has flown. Our weekly round up this week saw all of us finally kick this bug. It’s been hanging about in here for nearly 2 months, but everyone felt a lot better.

It was all about haircuts this week, me, James, Colby, Casey and even Chase got his fur clipped. So that was all an expense we could do without.


James was off today and I needed quite a bit of stuff from ASDA. Last week I managed to really budget and spent just £46. This week however was a different story, I just needed so much stuff. Big items like nappies, washing tablets, dog food and cleaning stuff it was a big shop.

We dropped Cerise off at gymnastics, and then went to get James, Colby and Casey haircuts.


Our poor Chase had a busy day today. He had his yearly vaccinations and a health check, where they said his heart murmur had been upgraded from a 2 to a 3 so not good news although not unexpected. Most Cav King Charles end up with heart problems. He then had a hair cut in the afternoon and looks like a little puppy again.

Casey had football which he really looks forward to every week and of course the girls had tap and modern.


I had a scan today to check for scarring on my ovary’s and uterus, I won’t get the results until I see the doctor in March, unless they want to see me before that.

The girls had a video go up on YT, they did a review of the slushy cups they got for Christmas.

We had Fahitas for dinner today, it’s everyone’s favourite meal so happy family all round. Followed by a nice relaxing evening.


Time for my haircut today, it’s been getting on my nerves lately so I had about 5 inches off, it’s just a bit shorter than I would have liked. It won’t take long to grow an inch or so.

James went back to work after the girls ballet lesson. We had chicken and veg for dinner, which the kids weren’t fussed on but I was. Cerise played with all her Tsum Tsum toys that she got for Christmas, she still loves them.


I had a busy day today, I sorted out the shoe and coat stand in the hallway and ended up with a bin bag of rubbish. It looks so much better now.

I also found something I’ve been looking for, for a while. It’s a diary that I kept mainly when the older four were babies. I only wrote in it for around 10 pages, but I wrote thins down that I was worried I would forget. It was lovely to read.

We had Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner, most of the kids like that. The girls had musical theatre and everyone was glad it’s the weekend.

The Weekend

A busy weekend now the girls have started rehearsals for squad competitions. I went up to dance and waited with them, Cerise had an hour, then Courtney had hers. Cerise practiced doing the splits up there which she is getting much better at.

The kids made their own pizzas for dinner, they enjoyed it, but I probably wouldn’t do it again. It’s much cheaper to buy the ones that they make up for you in ASDA.

Sunday was the usual housework, as always I had let the washing build up and it all needed sorting out, it took about 2 hours!!

The kids all had a relaxing day, the twins had a little bit of homework, I hoovered and polished everywhere.

We found some ice-cream in the freezer from Christmas, which we all had.

And that was our weekly round up, as always you can see it in action.

See you soon

                Kelly x







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