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Planners And Notebooks | Always In My Life

Something occurred to me today. It was after I put up a recent haul  on my channel from The Range.

Even though there’s technology all around me, my phone is never really more than a foot away, the lap top sits next to me and my ipad comes up to bed with me. I never use any of the notepad features or calendar and planner apps. I always reach for pen and paper, no matter what. For shopping lists, ideas, planning my day/week/month, finances, to do lists even doodling I just find everything flows so much better when I’m writing rather than tapping and typing.

I love, love a good spiral bound note book especially if it’s a flip over like this one from The range.

Spiral notepad from The Range

I use this type every single day, letters for teachers, daily lists, shopping lists. They are my favourite.

A pack of 3 notepads from The Range

This has been a fab find for me, I’m using it everyday to write a to do list which I can then check off. I also write any jobs that I have in the next few days.

It comes with a handy little accordion envelope to put notes in, plus 4 different size post it sticky notes as well as the weekly planner. I love it!

OK so I didn’t really need this, but it’s a note book made for me. It’s black with a pink page bound, but the best part…

if I get writers block or I want to start doodling like I always do, then I can just get my pencils out and have a colouring in session. Genius.

I got this blog planner from Amazon, it’s a yearly planner and you can write your goals for the coming year, weekly lists, and you can also write your social media stats once a month so you know how you are growing on each platform.

I’ve used it for the last couple of months for goals and stats, but find myself reaching for other weekly planners over this.

A pack of 3 notepads from The Range

I just loved the designs on this pack of 3 notepads, and I leave them in our kitchen junk drawer for everyone to use. The kids always ask me for paper and even James needs a notepad now and again. Problem solved.

Note book from Borders

I thought I would include this notebook as I love the cover, but it is over 10 years old. It came out of the now closed down Borders book shop and has handmade paper pages.

I used it as a diary when the children were babies. I’ve only filled it in for around 10 pages, but it’s so lovely to read back.

There’s a fair few more notebooks floating around, but they all eventually get used. I can’t imagine never grabbing a pen again and writing a list, it’s just not the same on my phone.

What do you use?  Have you moved with the times? Or do you like a tangible pen and notepad?

See you soon

                   Kelly x


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