Our Weekly Round Up | No.24

The Week

Our weekly round up this week saw us take a trip over the water to Cheshire Oaks, and do the usual run around of after school clubs.

James and I also came to a decision about changing his work hours, which is a pretty big thing as he’s been doing  the same thing for over 10 years.


James had a busy weekend so took today off. I wasn’t in the mood for food shopping so we headed off tom the Trafford Centre. I got the girls a new swimming costume, Courtney really needed one. The one I got from Primark last year had completely faded and the quality was so bad. I also got Colby some new trainers and Cerise a gym outfit as she didn’t have anything to wear for Gymnastics. She hasn’t taken it off all week.

I had a dental appointment in the afternoon, as my gold tooth fell out last week. They just glued it back in and said I had inflamed guns. I need to buy some dental brushes and go back in 3 months!


We headed over the water to Cheshire Oaks this morning. I haven’t been here for 11 years, since Courtney had an epic tantrum there, it put me off going back haha. We had a look round but it was freezing today so we ran from shop to shop. I only really got  a Yankee Candle that was £23 down to £11. I think it was Christmas stock, It smells nice, Ginger Spiced Cookie. We also had a look in the Cadbury shop and a few other clothes shop, but didn’t get anything.


I nipped out in the morning to Hobbycraft and M&S, I got a really good sewing box from Hobbycraft that was £15 down to £7.50. I’ve got so many cross stitch things yet nothing to sew on a button, so I was glad to find it. I got some bread rolls in Marks’s and James made us all bacon rolls for dinner.

I wanted a photo of the older 4, and spent about 15 minutes trying to get one shot. They all had different conditions to being in the photo. Bring back the days when they used to fight for prime position in front of the camera!!


James went back to work today, we have started thinking about changing his hours. He generally works nights and has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. But more and more I feel like we should try to get him to have Sundays off as at least the kids will see him on one of the days at the weekend. We have com up with a few scenarios, just need to pick the one that works for us.

Cerise spent the evening after Ballet trying to do a walkover. This is the only position I see Cerise in at the moment.


I had a really productive day today, I did quite a few jobs that I had been putting off, filling out passport forms, sorting out my runaway eyebrows. I did 2 blog posts, one of which I’d been putting off for ages. It’s just a little bit about the anxiety I have about choking and how it’s started affecting Carson’s eating. I also started the weekly vlog, so an all round good day.

The Weekend

It was comp rehearsals on Saturday, it’s right in the middle of the day for nearly 3 hours. This means it feels like the whole day is taken up with it. I couldn’t even be bothered to cook today, so the chippy it was.

When James came in from work on Sunday, we agreed on what his new shifts would be. So he will now have his day off on Sunday and Monday, work days on Tuesday and Wednesday and work nights Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This means he gets a day at the weekend to see the kids and 4 nights a week where he will be at home. This should mean more family time, which is what we want. We’ve never done this before and it does mean taking a little drop in money, as he gets more working nights than days. But we’ve both agreed this is best for our family at the moment.

As always you can see our weekly vlog here:

See you soon

                  Kelly x




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