Go Grippers Bounce And Zoom Speedway


We bought Carson the Go Grippers Bounce And Zoom Speedway for Christmas. It was his main present and came in a nice big main present box.

Go Grippers Bounce And Zoom Speedway

Carson is 21 months old and it’s suitable for 2+, so he’s not too far away from the recommended age.

It comes with instructions on how to put it together, but it really wasn’t that bad. The pieces were all fairy big and most just slotted together. It took around 15 minutes.

Fully assembled

The Go Grippers Bounce And Zoom Speedway comes with one car, but we purchased one more separately so he would have two. They also sold them in pack of three too.

Go Grippers Cars

The green one came with it. The cars are their main selling point, hence Go Grippers. They are made for little hands so they can grip them using the holes. Carson plays with them on their own just pushing them across the floor.

There are two ways to play with the Speedway.

The first is to place a car on the red platform.You then push the claw down using the red button on top.

The claw grabs the Go Gripper

The claw will pick up the car, and the platform will shoot inwards. It then releases the car and drops it onto the bounce pad, which really makes Carson laugh.

The bounce pad

The second way to play is by pushing the cars down the ramp. It has two exits, the first goes down to the red swinging door which opens to let the car complete the rest of the ramp.

The ramp has two exits

Once the car has been down one ramp, an arm will change the opening of the tracks so the next car will go down the second exit.

Changing the exit

The second ramp will send the car down onto the bounce pad and usually bounces off that onto the floor.

The second ramp

Carson has played with this a lot since Christmas, but not always the way it’s intended. He loves pushing the claw down even if there’s no car there. He also puts the cars on the ramp at any point he feels like not necessarily starting from the top, but I guess he’s just role playing haha.

On the whole it’s been a good buy and worth the money. The little cars are great. My only gripe is that sometimes the claw doesn’t pick up the car, and acts a bit like those grabbing machines that you see in arcades. It will pick it up slightly and then drop it back onto the platform. It doesn’t happen all the time and is only really a minor niggle.

I paid £39.99 from Smyths toy shop for it.

See you soon

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