Toddler Talk | When To Worry

Toddler Talk | When To Worry

It only really occurred to me a few days ago, that Carson isn’t really saying any recognizable words. He’s nearly 22 months old, and although he makes a lot of noise and sounds, there are no proper words.

A quick look up tells me he should be saying around 20 words at 18 months, and stringing 2/3 words together by the age of 2. Obviously this is going to vary widely. I’ve known plenty of chatty 18 month olds that have surprised me with really clear and understandable speech, and then my own children that have been late talkers.

Am I Worried?

That’s why at this point I’m not overly concerned. My four older children were either early or on time with all milestones, except speech. They were all quite late talkers. Casey in particular never said any recognizable words until he was a few months off being 3. Although I think perhaps a couple of ear infections didn’t help with this.

I heard all manner of reasons why they were late talkers, sometimes contradicting each other. With Colby my oldest, we had just moved from London to Liverpool and he wasn’t socializing with any other children or adults except James and I. So we all put his late talking down to not being around many people.

When the twins came along it was the complete opposite. They were getting lost in the crowd as there were now 4 little ones at home. And most people have said that Carson doesn’t need to speak as he has the 6 of us running around after him.

There is perhaps an element of truth in there, but it happens without us realizing. He doesn’t have to ask for juice as someone will always pass it to him when they get their own drink. The other kids are always singing and reading his books to him so he really doesn’t have to do anything except watch them.

He babbles away and sometimes the others will copy what he babbles. He thinks he’s talking. I’ve told them to start talking back properly when he does this,and to start explaining things to him i.e when passing his juice to him,  tell him it’s his juice.

I have no other concerns. He can follow instructions and understands most of what we say and will act on it. If asked to get his shoes or put his toys away he will. He can hold eye contact and is very much sociable. If we get past age 2 in April and there is still not one clear recognizable word, a visit to the GP will be the next step. But for now I’m trusting my instinct that he’s just taking his time.

See you Soon

                  Kelly x



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