A #NumNomsFoodie Family

Like plenty of kids at the moment, Cerise is pretty much obsessed with collecting little toys, and has been asking for a while for Num Noms.

So when we were asked to get involved in the Num Noms What’s Your flavour campaign I knew she’d be over the moon.

Food and collectable toys, Cerise’s 2 favourite things.

We were sent 2 packs of the series 3 Num Noms Starter Packs, a blind box in the shape of a yogurt pot,

A Deluxe Lunch Box that you can use to store the Num Noms,

and a series 1 light up in a juice carton.

If you’re not familiar with Num Noms, they are little collectable toys that are scented and shaped like food. You can stack them and mix and match them to make different combinations and there are 6 different types, regular, lip gloss, eraser, stamp, light up and go go’s which are motorised.

Fresh fruits Starter Pack

In the blind box was a lip gloss and leaflet with all the different ones to collect. Cerise studied this for an abnormal amount of time. She loves looking at all the different character names and scents.

The Deluxe Lunch Box contained one stamp it, one eraser and Num Noms from the fruits and veg, candy, and marshmallow ranges plus a mystery one.

So the aim of the What’s Your Flavour campaign is to get you and your little ones in the kitchen, and Pancake day is the perfect time. The whole family loves Pancakes and all the kids would love to have a go at making some. So that’s what we did.

How fab that some of the Num Noms that were sent, are the kids favourite pancake toppings! We made up Num Noms flavours that we probably wouldn’t like to try, like peas and carrots!

So hands washed,they got to work chopping up fruit and preparing the toppings.

We had raspberries, bananas, marshmallows, blueberries, strawberries, sugar plus chocolate sauce syrup and lemon.

We got started on the pancakes, and dad even had a go at flipping one.

It got better with each pancake. By the end we had perfected them.

Courtney was first, and she had Blueberries, raspberries and sugar.

Next up was Casey, and his combination was Strawberries, banana and syrup.

Cerise went for a Smores combo with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and topped with crushed biscuits.

They all said their pancakes were delicious and we had such fun making them, thinking up lots of flavours using the Num Noms for inspiration.

See you soon

                        Kelly x

* We were sent the Num Noms, but all opinions are our own.




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