We’ve Been Daily Vlogging

The Reason

We’ve been daily vlogging for nearly three weeks now. I honestly didn’t think I would after finding vlogmas really hard work. But we wanted to give it a try, and so I planned ahead and got things sorted out a little before starting.

 One of the main reasons for starting daily was because the weekly vlog was just getting too long. When I first started they were only 20 mins to half an hour.But it kept creeping up and the last few were over an hour. That to me was too much, although I was getting a fair few views I was well aware that most people haven’t got a full spare hour. I was also uploading 2/3 other videos a week as well. It just seemed the natural progression for my channel was to go daily.

Planning Ahead

I didn’t go in with my eyes closed though. We had a fair idea of how much work it would be, and so the planning started I knew from the vlogmas experience that getting a video up for 7 am (which was my normal upload time) was going to have to change. I needed extra time the next day in case I couldn’t for whatever reason, schedule it the night before. So I vlog one day and it goes live at 7 pm the following day.

We made a channel intro (which is still too long at 46 seconds) and signed up for a better music catalogue than what You Tube provide. It’s nice choosing from lots of new music.

I got a weekly planner and started filling in the days with what I would upload. I.E food shopping haul, meals of the week, days out, general house cleaning, crafts all sorts of things. I was a bit concerned that I would have days where nothing much was happening, and of course this is real life so of course there are days when I’m literally sat at home doing not a lot. But I still vlog I’m just honest that I’m not doing much and I just turn it into a chatty vlog about anything.

The other thing I did was upload a video letting everyone know what was going on. I had a great response and lots of support which is fantastic.

How It’s Going

So yep it’s been nearly three weeks and we’re enjoying it. Of course it has been a lot more work. While I’ve been getting into a routine my poor blog has suffered a bit. It needs some tlc. So now we have settled down I can devote a bit more time to this. I was trying to post 3 times a week before but realistically I think it will be 1/2 times a week, especially if we’re doing all this long term.

See you soon

Kelly x




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