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Who Doesn’t Love Stationery?

Coming up on the 24th-26th April is National Stationery Week, where we can fully embrace and appreciate all things to do with pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, pencil cases, sharpeners and lots more.

Being a National Stationery Blogger I was sent some stationery to review. A nice little package came through the door and I’ll go through what I received.

First up was this note book from NU: craze, this is my kind of pad as it has perforated edges. You can tear the paper out like I always do, without lots of little pieces of paper going all over the floor.

How cute are these little sticky notes.They are in the shape of a watermelon and each section comes apart individually. At the back is a little stand so you can have it stood up looking cute on your desk.


Cerise has claimed these pencils already, I have to admit they come in a nice little rainbow tube and are from Mustard. There are 12 pencils in the tube, and each pencil has a few different colours on the nib. You can write, draw or colour using all the colours, or hold the pencil at an angle to use just one of the colours.

Next up is this eraser which Courtney loved, it looks really smart. As there is a cover to slide over it the eraser never gets dirty if it’s in a pencil case. Of course Cerise loved the bunny sharpener which collects the shavings at the back, you just pop your pencil in the bunny’s mouth. These are both from Maped.

Another product from Maped was this poster paint, I have to admit to never buying these type of paints before. The kids love painting but they’ve only ever had the paint box type with the little round discs. They don’t really produce much paint . When Cerise saw this she took the lid off and pleaded with me to buy some more of this type so she can do “proper painting”.

One for me now is this ball point pen from Sheaffer. It’s a stylish black and silver pen that comes with a 1 year warranty. I like a ball point it’s so nice and smooth to write with.

Some graph pens now from Maped. I’m not sure the last time a needed to draw a graph, possibly 25 years ago at school, but I do know that they are fab to use when colouring in intricate designs. There are 5 double ended pens, so 10 ┬ácolours in all.

Another one for me is this Stabilo beCrazy! fountain pen. Again I haven’t used one of these since school, but I love my hand writing when I use it.

This is the one product that I’ve had before, Stabilo Sensor fine liners. Again I use these to colour in smaller details. They’re fab.

Another thing from Shaeffer was this notebook. It has silver edged paper and an elastic holding it together. I really like this as inside there was a few pages to put blog and website addresses it’s the first time I’ve seen that in a normal plain note book.

My favourite thing was these Dog In A Book page markers from Mustard. I never use a book mark and I don’t like turning the corners of the page, so theses are fab to just pull out the case and stick on the page. you get 50 in each case but they can be reused a fair few times, or you can just use them as page tabs.

We also got a sample of Write Size pencils they are designed with little hands in mind. They come in 3 sizes for 3 ages 2-6, 6-10 and 10+ they are chunkier pencils for better control and better grip.

It was a real nice bunch of stationery and between us as a family we’ll use it all. Don’t forget you can get involved with National Stationery week, with the 7 Days Of Stationery:

Monday 24th April – Pen and Pencil Day

Tuesday 25th April – Get Crafty

Wednesday 26th April – World Stationery Day

Thursday 27th April – Thank you Thursday

Friday 28th April – Fountain Pen Friday:

Saturday 29th April – Signature Saturday

Sunday 30th April – Write a Letter Day

You can also see theses products over on my YT channel:









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