Mulling Over Mother’s Day

I had a fab Mother’s day. I really did, and to make it even better the weather behaved and the lovely sun shone all day. It really felt like Spring had arrived.

All the kids wished me a happy day (well not Carson, but we’re working on that) and I received 6 cards (3 were from Cerise alone). I was surprised when I came downstairs and saw my present as we usually just do token gifts like chocs or a book but I came down to a huge box.

Inside was something I’ve been wanting for a while, well actually it was two things, A Kenwood Multione which is a food processor and mixer in one. I couldn’t believe James got it for me. You know what it’s like, I know I told him I liked it, but I didn’t think he’d actually processed that in his mind haha.

I then had a girlie couple of hours with Courtney and Cerise. We went to the cinema and watched Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

Of course we had a few snacks, the girls had a treat box that had popcorn, a pack of sweets and a drink. I had a cinnamon buns ice cream and a Tango Iceblast.

The film was so much better than I imagined. From the moment she came down the stairs in that beautiful yellow dress until the end ,I had tears in my eyes. I could see Cerise welling up too. I actually think it’s one of my new favourite films.

James had gone off with the boys to give his mum her gift and card, and picked us up after the film. The day ended with a lovely take away pizza and a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead. Perfect.

My day was lovely but as I get older I have totally realized that this day is so tough for a lot of people and I do keep that in mind. It’s not just people like myself that have lost their mum that this day is tinged with sadness. There are lots of other reasons.

My mum didn’t have a great relationship with her mum, and I know she didn’t really like Mother’s day for that reason. Not everyone has the perfect mum or has had the perfect childhood and this just brings it to the forefront of people’s minds.

And of course there’s so many women that would love to be able to celebrate Mother’s day as a mother but for reasons like infertility aren’t able too.

Of course we should be celebrating mum’s and motherhood, but I’ve just become aware it’s not the same day for everyone.

Here is my little bit of sad. Sometimes it hits me full pelt in the face that I’ll never see her on this earth again.

See you soon

                Kelly x


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