Dance Mum

Courtney and Cerise have both been at their dance school since they were nearly 3. So that’s nearly 10 years James and I have been doing the journey and sitting around waiting for them.

Courtney age 5

Cerise age 3

They had their first show when Courtney was 5 and Cerise was 3.

Courtney in Little White Bull

Cerise in Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party

It wasn’t so bad until around 3 three years ago, they both just did Tap and Modern. Then slowly more and more has just crept in, Ballet, Singing, Musical Theatre, and the latest thing is competitions, groups for Courtney and group, solo and gymnastics for Cerise.

We never set out to do this much, but it has got to point where they are there 5 /6 days a week for 3+ hours a time.

They both really enjoy it, but it does impact the rest of our life, everything is worked around their lessons, rehearsals and exams. If we started again would I let them do as much as they do?

Sometimes when I get home especially on a Tuesday when I sit up there for 4 hours, I do lose the will to live and think I just don’t want to do this any more. It doesn’t help because I don’t drive and that’s why I sit and wait, it saves James multiple car journeys back and forth.

But of course, there are lots of reasons I like them doing it, the social side, they’ve known some of these kids from the start, and more importantly it’s great exercise.

The lovely shows they’ve been in make great memories and we often watch the DVD’s over again, and have kept all their fab costumes.

Courtney in her Calamity Jane costume

Cerise in Supercalfrajelistic

Courtney in Shaking The Blues Away

Cerise in High Hopes

Shaking The Blues Away costume

Afro Circus costume

Cerise has had some great opportunities. She did a pantomime last Christmas at The Echo Arena which she absolutely loved.

Cinderella cast

Cerise in her ballet costume for Cinderella

The Cinderella Kids

The dance school have just this year decided to start entering competitions, The girls both made their squads and Cerise has been given a solo.

Cerise starting her first solo


The girls have always known the minute they moan that they can’t be bothered or they don’t want to go, I will completely stop it all. They go without things and don’t generally have pocket money, unless they specifically need it as the cost definitely mounts up.

This past year they’ve really stepped up practising at home, something they never really did, the dedication is there. And it’s probably that, that keeps me going and makes us find time as a family to keep them doing it. When they finish at 18 they will have their I.D.T.A certificates if they want to go further.

Cerise as if she couldn’t fit any more in her life, has also taken up gymnastics. Quite late really at age 10, but in just 2 months she has come on loads and has become a lot more flexible. This is the pose I see the most in our house.

Trying to do a walkover

Cerise is in an almost constant state of dance, no matter what we’re doing or where we are she’s spinning cart wheeling and doing the splits. She wears me out just looking at her.

Cerise warming up

She never stops

Courtney recently had a falling out with a friend. She couldn’t make a trip into town until later in the afternoon as she had comp squad rehearsals. When they made the squad it was made clear to them that they had to take it seriously and not miss rehearsals. She explained this to her friend and said that dance was part of her life. I was proud of her for saying this but she’s had a tough few weeks at school because of it. I guess this was my answer really. They both do see it as part of their life, as they can’t remember a time when they didn’t do it.

Warming up

See you soon

                Kelly x







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