BABY born Interactive Doll | Review

I had a chance to review a BABY born Interactive Doll and took up the offer. Carson has only just started to take an interest in dolls and teddies and I knew Cerise would jump at the chance to have a play. It’s recommended age is 3+, so Carson can only really play with it when we are around and not the smaller pieces. He’s 2 next month.


When the box arrived I had to hide it, as Carson wanted to play straight away. He was cuddling the box bless him!

It comes in a lovely box and you can see from the front all the accessories you get with it. Along the edge are pictures of everything you can do with the doll.

On the reverse it explains what BABY born Interactive can do.

  • I can drink
  • I can wet my nappy
  • I can cry
  • I can eat
  • I can control my wee and poo
  • I’m fully bathable
  • I’m moveable
  • I can sleep

Once it was taken out the box we had a look at what you get.

  • BABY born Interactive doll
  • A potty
  • A nappy
  • A dummy
  • A dummy clip
  • A friendship bracelet
  • A bowl and spoon
  • A packet of doll food
  • A bottle
  • A birth certificate
  • Instructions
  • New collection catalogue

Cerise was thrilled when she came home from school, and so we read the instructions so she could have a play with her.

How to put BABY born to sleep

To put her to sleep, simply lay the doll back and she’ll close her eyes.

How to make BABY born cry

To make her cry, feed her water with the bottle, sit her up right and squeeze the right arm. Tears will flow from her eyes.

How to feed BABY born

You can feed her either with the baby bottle which you fill with water. Or you can mix the powdered baby food that comes with the doll. You just mix it with 20ml of water, and use her spoon and bowl.

How to make BABY born wee and poo on the potty

To make her have a wee on the potty, feed her the bottle, sit her on the potty and press her belly button just once.

For her to poo, feed her the food, sit her on the potty and press her belly button so it clicks twice.

Cerise also enjoyed changing her nappy, and writing out her birth certificate.


We let Carson have a play too, and he really loved it, He kept taking the dummy out and then putting it in.

He’s also like Cerise and loves a little nose through the catalogue.

It’s a lovely doll and they’ve had a lot of fun playing with her. There is also BABY born Interactive boy doll and BABY born Interactive Ethnic doll.

You can also see it all in action on You Tube

See you soon

                 Kelly x




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