Easter Mum Fail Throwback

Ah What a picture!, it’s definitely an Easter mum fail throwback. All these years later I can almost feel their pain! haha

As most people know, I absolutely detest and dread Easter bonnet making.Which is quite surprising really, as I’m a pretty crafty person.

I just think it’s because I had 4 very young little ones at the time, and I knew it would inevitably be left to me.

So this particular year I had this genius idea. Let’s just dress them as bunnies, they’ll love it and they’ll look cute!

Their little faces say otherwise. Casey was totally unimpressed, and looking at this I could have traumatized him for life.

When we picked them up from nursery a few hours later,the bunny suits were gone. The teachers apologizing, that they were a bit hot so took them off.

We told nursery to keep them for the dressing up box. After that year, they always had a proper Easter bonnet.

8 years later they still have the same one they get out each year, shuffle a few of the decorations around and declare it as new.

Easter bonnet day has not been the high light of the year in this house. Even though we love Easter haha

See you soon

                Kelly x


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