Smarties Mini Eggs Cookies

Easter is nearly here so we made Smarties Mini eggs cookies. The title was meant to be Cadbury Mini eggs cookies, but well, James thought it was completely acceptable to get the Smartie ones when the shop had sold out of the Cadbury ones. How can he even compare? (actually all was forgiven when I bit into one of the cookies)



1 medium egg

100g soft light brown sugar

100g butter

200g self raising flour

1 bag of Smarties mini eggs (or any chocolate eggs you can get, if the shop has sold out)

Let’s go


Preheat oven to 180/ Gas Mark 4 then line or grease a baking sheet.


Put half the bag of Smarties mini eggs in a ziplock bag and crush with a rolling pin.


In a mixing bowl, add the egg, flour, sugar and butter and mix together with clean hands until it makes a dough.


Add the crushed Smarties mini eggs, and knead into the dough until evenly spread out.


Roll out 2 inch balls of dough and put them on the baking sheet, flatten them down a little remembering to leave a 3cm gap between each cookie dough.


Use the other half of the Smarties mini eggs to decorate the top of the cookies.


Bake in the oven for 10-12 mins.


Of course when the cookies come out of the oven they should still be a little soft to the touch, as they will harden after a few minutes.

So what was the verdict. The girls really enjoyed making them, it’s such a simple cookie recipe that can be changed to add whatever you fancy. I totally fell in love with these after crunching on an orange egg, of course just like regular Smarties it was bursting with orange flavour! that sold it for me haha.

See you soon

              Kelly x




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