Love Me A List

I love me a list, I always have. Even when I was a child I would have lists going on in my games, a register for playing schools, or a menu for playing restaurants. But lately lists have taken over my life.

Yep, I now need a list for my lists. Every evening I have note books and organizers open while I try to watch TV. Yesterday I beat my own record. I had:

  • a shopping list
  • a blog job list
  • a you tube job list
  • a list of bills to pay
  • a list of dance comp times
  • a list of jobs in the house
  • a list of odd clothing the kids need
  • a list of dates I need to remember

It was list overload, but honestly I feel like I need to off load my brain!

Everything on those lists gets crossed off when completed, and if you’re a list person you’ll know how satisfying that is.

Sometimes I think what would happen if I didn’t keep track of it all. Would the girls remember their own dance comp and rehearsal times, would James know or remember what bills to pay, would the boys know or even care that they need some new socks. Maybe they would, but probably not. I wouldn’t even like to see a food shopping list wrote by the kids haha. And I guess the blog and You Tube lists are mine anyway.

So in all honesty lists are not going away any time soon. They are crucial to the smooth running of The Danson household.

But I do need a better system, where everything is all in one place. Maybe it could even have its own contents and index page ha.

I will still dream of the day that I see this though

See you soon

                Kelly x



  1. Linda
    29/04/2017 / 19:59

    Oh Yh I’m a list person, I have notepads n note books with lists everywhere, I even have a list of notes on my iPad, I’m not saying I ever get round to actually doing anything on the list but hey I at least know it’s to be done lol.

    • kleigh
      29/04/2017 / 20:39

      Haha the same as me, I have the same jobs on lists for months!!

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