Can We Have A Smile To Go With That outfit

From The past

Can we have a smile to go with that outfit! That’s what I was saying to this little madam. It’s a pretty old and blurry photo of Courtney, but it’s still in my top 5 pics of her.

Taken in early 2006, this photo pretty much sums up our Courtney back then. She was in the throes of toddlerdom.

She knew I wanted her to smile and look pretty in her new outfit but was having none of it. Although looking at that outfit now, maybe she didn’t have much to smile about haha. In my defence little ponchos were all the rage at that time.

I was 3/4 months pregnant with the twins, (although I didn’t know it was twins then) and was so worried about how a newborn would affect her. She really was only a baby herself.

2 months later and we found out it was twins, I panicked even more and went out and bought her a set of boy/girl twin dolls. She played with them so much, and I kept telling her there would be a real Cerise and Casey soon. I needn’t have worried she was absolutely fine when they arrived. She would stroke them softly and knew she had to be gentle.

In many ways Courtney has been our middle child, the twins got a lot of attention and Colby has never wanted or needed any. But little Leigh Leigh as we call her, is always the first to let us know if she’s not happy about something so I think she’s done ok!

I tidied the loft out a little while ago and came across a lot of the kids old clothes. This outfit was in there, along with a few other choice outfits from back in the day. I honestly think the outfits I wore as a toddler will come back in fashion before they do! haha

See you soon

               Kelly x


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