Their 1st Dance Competition

On the 13th April, the girls had their 1st dance competition. Courtney’s been dancing for nearly 10 years and Cerise 8 years.

The dance school they attend stopped doing competitions a couple of years before they started. In January this year they announced they would be starting them again.

The girls both made their squads and were really excited. Rehearsals are every Saturday and it was made clear that they needed to attend these. They are part of a team and to take it seriously.

Courtney’s squad were given The Wiz to do, with Courtney being a munchkin. Cerise’s squad were given a Lion King medley.

They rehearsed every week from January to April and worked really hard. We also had to order a comp squad uniform, which the girls really like wearing.

The competition ran from the 10th – 13th April, and we went to watch all the girls friends do their solo dances, they really enjoyed it and Cerise has got a solo for the next competition in July. It also gave them a chance to see the stage.

On the day of their group comp the dance teacher wanted them to have a final rehearsal at the studio for a couple of hours.

I didn’t do their hair and make up until after the rehearsal as it was pointless.

When Courtney came out from the rehearsal she was a little upset, the teacher had been saying for weeks that they weren’t good enough and that the standard wasn’t high enough. Today was no different and she expressed highly that it wasn’t good enough, picking each individual child and listing their faults.

It didn’t make for a good start to the day and at one point I actually thought about coming home, with the thought that competitions weren’t for us.

With the help of the other mums I got their hair done and we left for the comp. James picked us up and by the time we got to the competition everyone was feeling better.

We had arrived a couple of hours early intentionally, so we could watch our younger dance squad and try to let the kids relax a little.

We had about an hour to watch a few of the other dance sections, our schools younger squad came first place. They did Deadwood Stage from Calamity Jane, and it was really geared our girls up to do theirs.

With another hour to go, we went to the room that had been allocated to our dance school and we got the girls in their costumes and did their make up. This was the most chaotic part of the day for me, it’s probably because I have the 2 of them to sort out, it really did make me stress a bit, and I knew that for the next comp I’d have to organize myself a bit better.

Courtney was on first with The Wiz, and to be honest I was dreading it. We’d been told over and over that it wasn’t good enough.

From the moment they came on the stage, I truly knew they could do it. It was fantastic and we were clapping along with them at the end. When Courtney came back into the hall, she looked the happiest I’ve seen her for a while. She knew they’d done good and the dance teacher had tears as she was so pleased with them.

Cerise was up a couple of dances later, and complete opposite to Courtney the dance teacher had been so pleased with their group from the start. There was a lot of acro content and it really was a sight to watch when we were allowed to watch it up at the dance school the previous week.

Unfortunately it wasn’t alright on the night and a few things went wrong. The stage just wasn’t big enough for all the girls to do all the acro moves, and a few seconds in the music jumped which made the timing out for a little while. It was a real shame and although that’s the world of dance and comps, you couldn’t help feel sorry for them.

So time to announce the winners and runners-up and our Courtney’s squad got second place. Woo hoo!! It was well deserved and made for one happy Courtney. Cerise was happy for her, but a little disappointed on her own dance.

We stayed to watch the senior girls dance and by this point it was 10:30 pm, we were all exhausted and hungry. We got the girls something to eat on the way home and then fell straight into bed.

It had been a fab day and we really enjoyed it, but it had been a real eye opener.

I would know what to expect next time and I’d definitely be more organized and prepared.

If there are rehearsals in the morning next time, then we need to factor in a break in the middle. It was just to full on. We were exhausted at the end of the day, we were on the go for 12 hours without a break.

I need a better system for carrying about the costumes and make up. There was stuff everywhere and I’m so shocked that we never lost anything. Also we never hung the costumes back properly. It wasn’t nice to see them at the bottom of the suit bag the next day. They won’t last long like that.

And finally and most importantly, the girls need to relax and enjoy it. Even if they’re told their not good they need to not dwell on it. This day was the first time in 10 years that I thought about making them give up. Seeing Courtney upset made me think it’s not worth it. So they’ve been told if they want to carry on with the comps not to take anything to heart and above every thing else enjoy themselves. As long as their family love and support them that’s all that matters.

So now we are pushing forward with July’s comp. Cerise has a fast carnival solo, they’re doing The Wiz and The Lion King again, and their groups are joining together to do The Old Bamboo from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This is nice for me as I can cheer for them both! Bring on July.

See you soon

                Kelly x


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