An 8 Week Meal plan

Yep, I’ve done an 8 week meal plan! I’ve been doing a weekly meal plan for a good few months now, and I’ve really noticed my shopping bill come down in price as I’m not just throwing stuff in the trolley.

Then last week I’d got so fed up of all the kids and James asking me “what’s for dinner? multiple times a day that I stuck the meal plan on the front of the fridge and thought that’s it they need never ask me again.

Then one of my subscribers on You Tube said they did a 4 week meal plan! I thought this was a fab idea. I would know what I’ve got to buy weeks in advance, it would help me budget and know one need bother me again haha.

So I’ve taken it one step further and done an 8 week meal plan. We’ll go right through the 8 weeks of meals and then start it all over again, changing any meals that they moan about adding any new ones we fancy.

So I thought I’d put the meal plan on here, some are simple things like beans on toast, others need a bit more planning like slow cooker meals and there’s also some new meals in there the kids haven’t tried.

As I go along any new meals I do I’ll put the recipe upon here.

Week 1

Monday – Pizza and salad

Tuesday – Chicken stir fry with sesame seed noodles and fried rice

Wednesday – Mushroom omelette and salad

Thursday – Chicken chasseur

Friday – Gammon homemade chips and beans

Saturday – Green bean and bacon penne pasta

Sunday – Club sandwiches with chicken, bacon, beef, ham and salad

Week 2

Monday – Beef and onion pie with vegetables

Tuesday – Spaghetti bolognese

Wednesday – Orzo with cherry tomatoes and chickpeas

Thursday – Fahita’s

Friday – Paprika chicken, homemade chips and corn on the cob

Saturday – Baked potatoes with toppings

Sunday – Chicken curry

Week 3

Monday – Pasty  New potatoes and vegetables

Tuesday – Burgers homemade wedges and corn on the cob

Wednesday – Pasta bake

Thursday – Ham and new potato salad

Friday – Minestrone soup and hot rolls

Saturday – Chilli and rice

Sunday – Sausage and mash

Week 4

Monday – Chicken fillets, garlic potatoes, asparagus and broccoli

Tuesday – Homemade pizzas and salad

Wednesday – Bacon, sausage and eggs

Thursday – Lamb kebabs, salad and pitta bread

Friday – Chicken and salad wraps

Saturday – Beef stew

Sunday – Fish fingers, chips and beans

Week 5

Monday – mince, potatoes and cabbage

Tuesday – Piri piri chicken homemade chips and onion rings

Wednesday – Beef curry

Thursday – Beans on toast

Friday – Chicken burgers, salad and corn on the cob

Saturday – Risotto

Sunday – Cottage pie

Week 6

Monday – Toad in the hole and vegetables

Tuesday – Asian noodle salad and rice

Wednesday – Steak chips and peas

Thursday – Cajun chicken and sweet potato wedges and homemade coleslaw

Friday – Linguine and meatballs in homemade sauce

Saturday – Sausage and bean casserole

Sunday – Chicken kiev and hasselback potatoes

Week 7

Monday -Pork chops vegetables and new potatoes

Tuesday – One pot chicken and cous cous

Wednesday – Lasagna and salad

Thursday – Beef quesadillas, salsa and rice

Friday – Steak and cheese baguette’s

Saturday – Mexican bean salad and rice

Sunday – Loaded nachos

Week 8

Monday – Slow cooked lamb and onions with thyme potatoes and asparagus

Tuesday – Vegetable casserole and herby dumplings

Wednesday – Cajun chicken and quinoa

Thursday – Beef bourguinon

Friday – Spicy lentil soup

Saturday – Chicken and mozzarella pasta in home-made marinara sauce

Sunday – Chicken and Chorizo rice pot



  1. Donna flanders
    16/06/2017 / 16:44

    Hi Kelly if you go to libl they have a pizza baking set it’s a frame and 4 baking trays you put in the oven it £7:99 . Hope it helps with all the pizzas
    Love Donna xx

    • kleigh
      18/06/2017 / 17:26

      Ah thanks for this Donna, I’ll have to have a look around Lidl!

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