Crossroads With My Blog And YT Channel


Every so often I feel I come to a bit of a crossroads with my blog and YT channel.

I’m not really sure why, but it’s happened a couple of times now. Where for a few weeks I’m not really sure of the direction I want to go with them.

Ideally I like my blog to flow alongside my channel. I think because I’ve been daily vlogging for the last few months it hasn’t happened.

Most of the content on the vlogs has not been things I can really carry over to the blog.

What I’ve Started Doing

Lately I’ve been including a lot of recipes and meal plans on my channel, along with a bit of an eating overhaul.

So of course these are things that I can put on my blog.

I’ve also been doing a bit of Food prep and organizing  this has been helping me stay on track and budget for my food shop.

Of course we’re still vlogging our daily lives but it has also got a little bit of a focus on it as well now, which can flow with my blog.

So I’ll still be putting my midweek meal recipes on here. Along with any food prep ideas, lunch box ideas, chatty blogs and well anything to do with the kids and dancing and maybe a few flashback photos. Who doesn’t like an old photo?!!! Haha

See you soon

                Kelly x


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