First Fathers Day 

Flashback Thursday

Last Sunday was Fathers Day, and it got me thinking about James first Fathers Day. It was fourteen years ago, and this photo has always been one of my favourites.

It was June 2003 and we were on holiday in Majorca, our first grown up holiday as parents. Of course it was a completely different experience to all our previous holidays. No clubbing, no staying out until morning, no sunbathing all day or going on mad excursions like diving or waterskiing and definitely no pub crawls.

So although it was a different holiday, we still had a fantastic time, we celebrated my birthday out there, and of course James first Father’s Day.

Colby was 8 months old, and in this photo we were sitting outside a restaurant having just finished lunch, we used to be able to sit for a while as Colby liked watching all the traffic going past, especially the motorbikes. He would giggle at the noise of them.

But more importantly I look at this photo and think what a wonderful dad James has been. He looks young here, and I guess he was, I’m four years older than James so he was only 23 when Colby was born. I never really thought it back then, but it is young.

Of course within three years of this being taken we had four children under the age of four, and he has just been an unbelievably and unfaltering good dad, nothing is too much trouble for him.

As the children get older I know that they can see this. He puts all of us first and a lot of the time now they realize this.

I watch my children with their dad and am so glad they get to have this really important relationship. It isn’t something I had, and I’m glad history didn’t repeat itself there.

So a big thumbs up to James he got it so right.

See you soon

                        Kelly x


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