Small Kitchen Project

Last week I started a small kitchen project. You know the ones I mean, you start with one small idea, and then it just escalates more and more until you’re doing a complete room makeover.

Ok it wasn’t quite that bad, but it did leave me thinking at one point, I wish I’d never started this!

It started with one small idea. I think I’ll get a chalk board for the kitchen wall. That’s it. That was the idea, and that is where I should have left it. It took a couple of days to figure out how and where I was going to actually get this board. Buy one, make one, what size would I need? Eventually we went with an idea to just buy some mdf and either paint or spray it. We got the mdf cut to size and went for the spray over the paint. James sprayed it and put it up on the wall.

Then I decided that the shelves with all the Kilner jars on would look nice next to the chalk board. To move it, everything on the shelves had to come off, not only that but we needed to move the dresser along so everything had to come off that too, but I did it.

I then couldn’t leave it at just the kitchen, and decided that the conservatory needed brightening up. I knew there were two little heart stools that we got for the girls room but never used, so in they came and I put them out there with a cushion on each.

While I was in the garage I saw something I never thought I’d want to use again.

A little kitchen trolley that was better suited to the 80’s. I used it briefly a few years back, and a quick glance on the Argos site tells me you can still get them now!

Anyway, this I decided would go with my little kitchen change round. I have no idea why I thought this as there is hardly any room as it is. Where was I going to put it.

But in it came, and I gave the little trolley a bit of a makeover. On the little shelves I put some little napkins that I hadn’t used before, I put my heart chopping board on top, and a couple of red gingham buckets next to it, giving it a little country charm ( was I even going for this look) I’m not sure. The final touch was something the kids bought for me a few weeks back, alittle heart that says Kelly’s kitchen on it. I hung it from one of the drawers. I put a few things on the shelves like my little heart bowls and that was it.

The thing is I had no where to put it. The place where I wanted it to go is where the bin is. So yep ou came the bin and in went the trolley. I guess we still needed the bin so where could I put it. I eyed up Chase’s bed, the other side of the dresser. That dog never goes in it, we have had it for 8 years ‘just in case’. So that was it, I moved his bed into the living room ‘just in case’ he might want to sleep in it in a different room. Now the bin had a new home.

My family have all been giving me sideway glances over the last few days, but not really saying anything, except maybe a few little huffs when they have to walk a few extra footsteps to get to the bin. I cheered them up by letting them know that the chalkboard is for everyone to use. Of course this now means cheeky messages and drawings are getting left on there everyday!

Finally I moved around a few of the picture and cross stitches that were on the wall. So after just wanting a chalk board on the wall it turned into a 3 day kitchen project. Anytime I get any ideas James looks at me with a real pained look on his face, he knows that one idea will lead to another and who knows when or where it will end.

Secretly I know they all really like it, the day after it was all finished was Father’s Day, after opening his cards he promptly displayed them on the trolley.

That tells me all I need to know!

See you soon

                   Kelly x


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