A Little Birthday Chat

Today is my 43rd birthday, so thought I’d come have a little birthday chat. I’ve only got 2 or 3 pics of me from birth to age 2. This is one of them.

I think I’m around 16 months old here, check out the 70’s fashion and sofa. I can remember that sofa well, we had it until I was about 8.

So a bit more about me.

I was born in 1974 in a hospital in Barking, East London, I lived in Stratford, East London until I was 26 on a new council estate. My parents got divorced when I was 5, so only have a handful of memories living with my dad. After that it was just my mum, my sister and me. We were seriously poor, but really happy. We had good friends and my mum did her best with the little she had.

I loved my childhood, especially my primary school years. My teen and high school years not so much, for lots of different reasons really. I left school early and worked in a variety of different job which you can read about here.

James and I were friends for a good few years before we got together. He had moved down from Liverpool to work on the railway, we both drank in the same pub and had the same circle of friends.

We were together about 18 months when we bought our first house and moved to Dagenham Essex. The following year we got married and 10 months later Colby arrived in October 2002.

That was probably the biggest turning point in our lives. I was working for London Underground and giving up my career was a pretty big deal, we didn’t know if we could manage with one wage. We spoke about it all through my maternity leave, and we both wanted one of us at home while Colby was young. That’s when we started talking about moving to Liverpool, the houses were cheaper and we could manage.

And so, when Colby was 10 months old I moved away from everything and everyone I’d ever known, and moved to a city I’d never been too.

I moved to Liverpool when I was 29, so it’s been nearly 14 years, and 4 more children later, which brings us to now.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing, especially when my mum was ill, but I probably wouldn’t change anything.

So that was a real quick synopsis of my 43 years, since reaching 40 it has absolutely flown, it’s so true that time speeds up the older we get,haha

See you soon

                    Kelly x




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