A New Planner

I love a new planner, I haven’t had one for a while though. I’ve been using sticky notes to jot down things to remember and any to do lists.

I saw this planner in Hobbycraft and hinted I liked it to James. On my my birtjday I opened up a gift from the children and there it was .

It’s made by Noted, and was £22.00. They had a couple of designs but I loved the pastel colours, very pretty.

When you open it up, there are 4 gold coloured ring binders. On the inside there is a large gold zip pocket and two open pocket slots.

On the opposite side is the yearly planner.

With each month you get a page for sketches and drawings.

A daily appointment planner, you can add extra notes to the side.

A weekly planner with an extra space for notes.

At the back of each month is a full sheet for any notes.

James also included some little extras that you can buy.

There is a pack of 3 clear plastic pouches, whichI’ve put  at the very back.

There was also a sheet of stickers with lots of useful words and reminders, and a sticky note sheet with seven different kinds of notes, which will come in very handy.

And finally there four packs of smaller sheets that were for shopping lists, to-do lists, recipes and general notes.

So quite a lot if things that I will definitely use, especially with blogging and vlogging. It was a really thoughtful gift.

The planner is’t real leather and I’m unsure how the quality will hold up, but it feels like it will last the year, maybe longer.

See you soon

                     Kelly x


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