Before There Were Five

Flashback Thursday. This is a picture of the kids in Devon before there were five of them.

We had two lovely weeks there back in 2009. I’d never been to Devon before and I really loved it,there was so much for us to do with the little ones. Colby was 6, Courtney was 4 and Cerise and Casey were 2.

I can’t lie, back then everything that we did in our life was that bit harder, just because they were all so young. I can remember in this pic we had just got ourselves and the four of them ready to go to the evening entertainment. We came out of the caravan and as we locked the door James and I just stood watching as they all held hands and started walking off.

It was one of those times where you stand and watch knowing that the moment will be froze in your mind for good. It was just so sweet and without any prompting from us. So while I stood there aahhing away James got his phone out and took the pic. Back then camera phone quality wasn’t as good and it really shows in this haha.

So off we went to the club house, and I can remember the night well. They had a kids talent contest and all the kids were dancing and singing the latest songs. Colby went up, and I had no idea what he was going to do. He started singing a song he’d been learning at school called “Have you ever heard a duck praise the lord” the chorus was lots of quacks and it then went on for another 5 or 6 animals each with their own animal noise chorus. It honestly went on for about 10 minutes straight bless him… he didn’t win haha.

The holiday was in the first two weeks of April for Easter and we had fantastic weather. We went on a couple of boat trips and to the donkey sanctuary and model village.

Half way through the holiday James mum and dad came for a couple of days. We never told the kids they were coming. We just took them to the beach and his mum and dad hid. James started saying things to them like “Wouldn’t it be great if Nanny and Grandad were here”. Lets pretend we can see them in the distance. Then suddenly there they were. The kids faces were a picture, it was like they had made a bit of magic.

They are lovely things that I look back on with the kids. Such lovely memories and I’m grateful everyday that we’ve been able to make them.


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