Organizing The Kids Snacks

I’ve been organizing the kids snacks. I bought some new boxes from Dunelm, pretty reasonable between £1.50 and £6.00

I got a variety of sizes and I think I’ll probably buy a few more and have them throughout the kitchen cupboards and drawers.

In this shallow tray I’ve put snacks that I have made up myself. I’ve been bagging things into smaller snack bags for the kids so it’s easier to grab for school or after school things like dance, football or swimming. It’s things like popcorn, bread sticks, fruit chips, dry cereal, pretzels, pitta or lentil chips. Mainly dry snacks, I’ve done the same with fruit snacks but they’re kept in the fridge.

The next size box has Carson’s snacks in. I’ve been getting him a real mix of things lately, especially now I’ve relaxed a little over choking hazards. So in here are organix crisps raisins, rice cakes, fruit shapes, crackers, fruit winders and sometimes as a treat a Barney Bear cake. You can see a video on the snacks we offer him 

The large box holds the older kids crisps and other dry snacks. I haven’t sorted out things like biscuits or sweets yet, but I’ll probably put them into another box. The boxes just make the cupboards look a bit more tidy and presentable. We’ve usually got bags and boxes of stuff falling out the drawers and cupboards so I’m really pleased this seems to be working.

That’s why I think I’ll start doing it for other things. Our two drawers that have all our kitchen utensils in drives me crazy, you put your hand in like it’s a lucky dip, and just hope for the best. Very rarely do you pull out the actual thing you want or need, so I can see it working really well for this.

I seem to be on a bit of an organizing frenzy at the minute, especially in the kitchen. I had a little  project going on last week that you can read about here. Let’s just hope it continues and carries over to the rest of the house. Now that would be a good thing haha.

See you soon

               Kelly x


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