End Of School Year Madness

It’s time for the usual end of school year madness. I don’t know why but I find the month of July just as busy and hectic as December and the run up to Christmas. 

It’s the same usual chaos every year, with every child telling me 2 weeks before school finishes that they need a new pair of shoes as theirs no longer fit or are falling apart!

The last couple of years I’ve resorted to writing all the things I need to remember either on the calendar or on a planner. The whole month is nearly filled in with things like school trips, school shows, summer fayre, end of year shows, exams, dance competitions, dance shows and rehearsals.

None of these things are directly for me, but I have to remember what times the kids have to be dropped off or picked up, so it’s easier to have it all wrote down in one place.

Our July

So I thought I’d share our hectic July:

Sat 1st:  Courtney extra musical theatre rehearsal finish at 4:30 pm

Sun 2nd: Cerise solo and trio rehearsal 11:am-12pm

Mon 3rd: Musical theatre dress rehearsal 4:30pm-7pm

Tues 4th: Carson’s two year assessment! (need to find what time it is)

Wed 5th: Musical theatre show 6pm onwards (need to find the tickets)

Thurs 6th: Cerise and Casey school show and fayre 12pm onwards

Fri 7th:

Sat 8th: Cerise has her solo at 2:30pm as she’s away next week

Sun 9th:

Mon 10th: Cerise is going away for the week with school, be at school for 10pm

Tues 11th:

Wed 12th: Courtney has a tap exam at 10am (need to tell school)

Thurs 13th:

Fri 14th: Cerise is home (need to find out when the coach is arriving)

Sat 15th:

Sun 16th:

Mon 17th: Cerise gymnastics and solo (last one before comp)

Tues 18th:

Wed 19th: Courtney off to The Sandcastle Waterpark

Thurs 20th: Colby off to Alton Towers needs dropping off at 8:30am, picking up at 6pm

Fri 21st: Kids break up for the summer, twins finish at 2pm

Sat 22nd: Dance show and tell display, Dance finished for summer

Sun 23rd: Girls spray tan for comp 11am

Mon 24th: 1st day of comps groups 1pm ish

Tues 25th: Cerise solo 7:30 pm ish

Wed 26th: Finally a rest

Thurs 27th: Kids moan they’re bored already

Fri 28th:

Sat 29th: Town for last holiday bits

Sun 30th: James finishes work for a couple of weeks!!

Mon 31st: hopefully the start of our holiday! Yay!!

And that’s our July, if you have school age kids your calendar is probably the same. Then as soon as the holidays arrive, BAM! it’s all so chilled and quiet. So quiet in fact that within days the kids are saying there bored and wish school and dance would start! haha

See you soon

              Kelly x



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