The Best Thing About Being A Twin

Flashback Thursday

The best thing about being a twin, is by far always having a friend, and in Cerise’s case some one to push her about.

I chuckled when I saw this pic, they both had a dolls pushchair, Casey had a blue one and Cerise pink. Cerise would sit her doll on her knee and sit in the pushchair herself. Casey would then push her all around the garden. I guess they were around two and a half here.

They were just getting to an age where the hard work of the baby years were coming to an end.  They weren’t at nursery yet either, so I still had them at home all day with me.

I’ve always loved this age, Carson is at it now. But as hard work as twins are, the main benefit is that they always have company.

They say twins have a bond and it is true, as although Casey spends more time with Colby, and Cerise with Courtney, these two still do a lot of things together at home, just the two of them. They’ll watch a film or play a game, do homework together or play outside.

They were my youngest babies for 8 years before Carson came along, but I do still see them as the little ones haha

See you soon


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