Her First Time Away From Home

Cerise has gone on a school trip, and it’s her first time away from home. They’ve gone to Lincolnshire on a PGL holiday.

Oh she’s fine! Yep…. she skipped to that coach with her friends, without a care in the world.

No, it’s me, and probably all the other parents. I haven’t even got an excuse. This is the third time I’ve done this, and it certainly hasn’t got any easier.

Colby went to France in 2013 when he was in year 5. I was that stressed I went to London with my passport and stayed with my mum, just so I was a little close to France! I remember Colby getting on the coach and thinking that I’d never let the twins go, they’re too little haha!

Courtney went to Scotland in year 6 last year. My hand was attached to my phone for the school blog account and Twitter, so I could catch every update.

Casey has said for a whole year that he doesn’t want to go. He even said he didn’t want to go next year in year 6, that was until 2 weeks ago. Since then he’s heard all the kids talking about all the fun things they’ll do when they get there, and of course now he’s changed his mind.

I guess it’s hard because for most kids this is their first experience of being completely cut off from their families. Strictly no mobile phones or any form of social media, which is probably a good thing, the last thing the kids need is mum saying goodnight at bedtime over the phone.

That’s where I think it will hit Cerise, at night-time a couple of days in when she’s over tired and missing us all.

All the kids are acting like they’re not bothered. But we’ve already had a few tear drops in this house tonight. Casey hasn’t spent a day without his twin ever, and Courtney won’t like being in her room on her own. Even though they all argue and moan at one another, they love each others company.

At school today all Casey’s friends were asking him if he’ll miss Cerise, he gave a very firm ‘no’! As Cerise was walking to the coach with her suitcase, I glanced at Casey who gave her a little wave and pulled tongues at her. It made me chuckle.

It’s only five days, but it has caused a lot of disruption emotionally haha. Carson is never going, ever. He’s too little.

See you soon (and Cerise)

                             Kelly x




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