Food Prepping And How It’s Going

I’m doing a little update on food prepping and how it’s going. I started doing this about 2 months ago. I get my main food shop on a Monday and try to do any meal prep on a Tuesday, although this sometimes creeps over to later in the week.

As soon as I’ve looked at my meal plan for the week,I know which foods are going to be the best to prep in advance. The pic above was from a recent mammoth food prep, it took 2 hours but I was set for the week.

It’s all sorts of food, fruit, as I find we eat it more if we can quickly grab it with peeling or chopping. Veggies, just to save me a bit of time each day with dinner. Cheese, I stopped buying the ready grated a while back as I just don’t enjoy the taste. Now I grate up a block a week and it’s all ready when I need it. Salad  and veggie sticks for the kids pack ups. This has been a big help, they all like veggie sticks in their lunch, but I was only putting them in when I had time, now we just grab them out of the fridge.

It’s not just fresh or fridge things though, I’ve been prepping all kinds of dry foods. I made a trail mix for the kids and it’s been a big hit. It’s a bit cheaper to make than buying pre packaged.

Portion Control

Saving time and money is not the only reason I’ve been doing it. I’ve been bagging up some snacks for the kids, for either at home or in lunches. Things like crackers, dry cereal, bread sticks, popcorn, crisps, pretzels, mini rice cakes all sorts of things. I’ve done this so that they are portion controlled, and the kids are not over snacking,well and me to be honest. Open a bag of popcorn and it’s so easy to finish half the bag without realizing. The same with kids and crackers, they will open a box and between them completely finish it.

So meal prepping has been a really good way for us as a family to start eating a little healthier. It just takes that initial hour or two at the beginning and we’re saving so much time. I’ll definitely carry on doing it while it works.

See you soon

                 Kelly x



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