Back To School With Smiggle | Review

What could be better than back to school stationery? Well how about back to school with Smiggle?

Cerise and Casey love going into Smiggle and I have been known to get a few things from there myself. (colouring books and pencils, I’m looking at you).

So we jumped at the chance to review a few bits from their new back to school range.

What we got

  • 2 colourful adventure wallets
  •  hardtop scented pencil case
  • scented inkball pens
  • scented pink lemonade pencils
  • a besties squad pencil case

A really lovely set of things for them to go back to school with.

These wallets will definitely come in useful for their snack money that they take into school each. every week they seem to lose it unless it’s in a wallet.

They liked the designs a lot, and there are lots of little pockets. It has a velcro fastening and a zipped note compartment.

Casey really liked this pencil case, the 3d footballs are really eye catching and of course it smells great. Inside is a mesh pocket and pen holders.

These were a big hit with Courtney. She loves all pens but these are scented ballpoints and she uses them for a lot of her school work. They come in a hard case with a clip lock.

The twins shared these fun double scented pencils, which have a lemon and strawberry scent to create pink lemonade. They also come in a Berry Smoothie scent.


Of course Cerise fell in love with this besties pencil case, and instantly declared she wants to collect them all and is putting them on her birthday and Christmas list. There are six to collect and each is a different character. This is Jessie Jumpin Jelly and comes with a matching bestie keyring and a scented zip pull.

Smiggle, even the word is fun ‘When a smile meets a giggle’. As a parent you watch your kids go through the latest fads, but the quality of Smiggle products really sets it apart. Everything really looks and feels well made. The bright colours and scents will continue to invite us into store.

As soon as our package arrived Cerise reviewed them on our channel.

See you soon

                       Kelly x


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