The Largest Pot Of Nutella

Flashback Thursday

This photo was from our lovely holiday to Italy. We told the kids this was the largest pot of Nutella you can buy.

We were in a lovely ice cream parlour that sold the most delicious flavours. They instantly believed it was full of Nutella and begged us to buy it.

Courtney’s face says it all, they couldn’t believe it. We did tell them the truth a couple of days later though.

We were in a little supermarket across the road from the campsite, and in there we really did find some big pots of Nutella.

This really was a huge pot, the photo doesn’t do it justice. Check out the price though nearly 40 Euros for a pot of hazelnut chocolate.

The kids would still have put all their money together and bought it though, if we had let them. They love the stuff.

Our Italy holiday is still one of my favourite. We had such a good time, the people were lovely, the weather fab, and we had some wonderful days out. We took a boat over to Venice from the campsite and really enjoyed a full day there (very expensive though).

The campsite we stayed on was called Marina de Venezia, and it really was a first class site. Lots of swimming pools, day and evening entertainment, fireworks on the beach and lots of activity clubs for the kids.

We would definitely like to go back one day. We drove there and the scenery was amazing, I know the kids will remember that road trip for the rest of their lives. In fact the whole holiday we made some beautiful memories.

I’ve said before but we tried to go back the following year and the car broke down just before we got to Dover, we had the RAC tow us all the way back to Liverpool. We were just glad that we hadn’t already got over to France. Never mind we’ll go back one day haha!

See you soon

                  Kelly x



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