Craft And Planner Station

I’ve made a craft and planner station. It’s somewhere for me to plan my days and get back into my crafting. There’s not many places in our house to get a bit of ‘me time’, so the older children know they can come out here and use this space too if they want.

This time a year ago I actually made this a homework station.  In reality no homework has been done out there whatsoever. I put the computer out there and for a while I did use it to blog.

As soon as the colder months started I didn’t want to leave the computer out there, so I brought it in and the desk became an inevitable dumping ground. Colby’s Wacky Trax that he got for Christmas has been sat on it for a couple of months and it just needed a good clean and dust.

I’ve been really busy lately sorting out schedules for both my blog and my YT channel, and so I’ve invested in a couple of planners, which I’m really enjoying using. They’re being used how I wanted them to be, I just needed a place where I could sit and do it and have all my accessories in easy reach.

So that’s when I thought nonexistent homework station can become my craft and planner station.

I’ve finally put some baskets I bought a few weeks ago to good use. They’re holding my stickers, pens, washi tape and all sorts of other planner paraphernalia. It’s nice to have them in easy reach. For a few months now, I’ve just been trying to do everything on my knee with nowhere to  put anything.

I’ve got no distractions out there, no TV, no computer. I’d like to say no kids, but yep, every now and again one of them pops out asking for something. Actually it’s quite nice, as they sit in the chairs behind me and they just start chatting away. This doesn’t usually happen as they get sidetracked by phones or the TV.

I’ve got my radio out there, and my ipad. I love a little look at planner or scrapbook pages on Pinterest.

So all in all I’m pleased with this little corner of mine. I just need some decent heating out there for the colder months and I’ll be a happy planner!

I wonder what it will become next year? haha

See you soon

               Kelly x



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