10 Years Being A Dance Mum

At the end of this year I will have spent 10 years being a dance mum. Courtney started at our dance school just after her 3rd birthday in 2007.

I can still remember her first day, she was so excited to be putting on her little blue leotard. She also had a little ballet cardigan.

Courtney 1st day at dance school 2007

They were going to be doing a show at Easter, so she started too late for that, but they never did a show after that for over 2 years, so Courtney had such a long wait for her first show. In fact by the time the next show rolled around Cerise had started and they both did their first show together.

Cerise didn’t take so easy to dance, she always needed a little coaxing, and the teacher would let her take her Minnie Mouse doll with her so Minnie could watch Cerise dance. They also let her wear a pink dressing up tutu as well, they’re pretty good with the new little ones. She started in September 2009.

Cerise 1st day of dance school 2009

So after a mammoth wait the girls finally did their first show in July 2010.

Courtney did Little White Bull for tap, and Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade for modern.

Courtney tap costume 2010

Cerise was the youngest in the school, and baby ballet only do one number at the beginning of the show.

She did Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party.

Cerise baby ballet costume 2010

Two years later in the next dance show, they both did a tap and modern number.

Courtney did a Winnie The Pooh modern.

Courtney modern costume 2012

And her tap number.

Courtney tap costume 2012

Cerise did Teddington’s marching band for modern.

Cerise modern costume 2012

Their 3rd show was in 2014 and again they both did a tap and modern.

Courtney did a Lion King number.

Courtney Lion King costume 2014

Cerise did High Hopes for tap, and Best Song Ever for modern.

Cerise’s High Hopes costume 2014

It was after this show that girls really started to want to do more. They wanted to start ballet and also do the musical theatre and singing part of it all. We had a really long talk with the girls and said it was a really big commitment and they’d be at the school for most of their free time. I also made it clear that as it would be costing more money, they couldn’t just not go to lessons if they didn’t feel like it. They promised that this was what they wanted and they wouldn’t mess around with attending classes.

So that’s when it became a bit more serious too them and they started to put a lot more time in. They now had the musical theatre shows in the alternate year to the dance show.

Courtney wasn’t too sure about musical theatre at the beginning, but now it’s her favourite. For 3 years now they’ve kept to their word and have hardly missed a lesson.

Cerise and Courtney tap costumes 2016

Then the end of last year Cerise was given a fab opportunity to star in the Cinderella panto at the Echo Arena. She had an amazing experience and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The cast of Cinderella

Cerise’s dance friends

Panto costume 2016

It was after the panto and into the start of 2017 that the dance school announced that after 10 years of not entering them, they were ready to start competitions again. Both the girls were picked for the squad, and they worked hard for a good few months getting ready for their 1st comp.

Comp squad uniform

In April this year they had there 1st comp.

Cerise’s group did a Lion King medley

The Lion King class

Cerise in Lion King costume 2017

Courtney’s class did The Wiz and came second, we were so happy for them.

The Wiz class 2017

The girls next competition is in just 4 days time at the start of the summer holidays. They are doing both The Lion King and The Wiz, and also a joint one together The Ole Bamboo which is fantastic.

Cerise and Courtney The ole Bamboo costume 2017

Cerise has also been picked to do a solo, it’s her first time and she’s a little nervous. It’s got a carnival vibe to it and is a modern. Her costume is lovely.

Cerise’s solo costume 2017

The girls have spent an enormous part of their childhood up at dance, and there has been plenty of times they have had to miss out on other social activities. But the friends they have made at dance are all in the same boat and so they have become their little dance family.

It’s been 10 years, but they have given us a lot of entertainment. We always enjoy the shows, so here’s to a few years more!

See you soon


                       Kelly x


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