The Last Week Of Summer

We’ve reached the last week of Summer, and well it’s been a strange one I guess.

We enjoyed our week up in the lakes, and then of course we had to say goodbye to James dad. The rest of the holidays have more or less passed in a blur, they have gone so quick.

One thing I have noticed a lot this year, is the lack of kids constantly asking if we’re going out somewhere. They have been really content having a fair bit of down time. The girls, I think needed some time to just do their own thing. They love dance but this year in particular they have been there nearly every night of the week. Colby has been to his friends a few times and spends a lot of time on the trampoline, and Casey has been out on his bike.

We’ve had a few days out shopping for school uniform and stationery, and a few other little trips out. They enjoyed the Go Ape obstacle course. They did this on holiday, so we have booked Aerial Extreme for one day this week, last little treat before they go back next week.

But other than this most days have been spent up on their rooms. They’ve been on the Xbox, talking to friends on Facetime, watching YouTube videos and generally lounging around.

Do I mind this?

Absolutely not, it’s been so nice listening to them spend time with one another, they’ve played a few games together, argued together and sorted things out together, and I love it. Even Carson has been up there with them a few times joining in. They hardly ever get time all together during term time, so it has been so nice for them.

The next term is such a long one, only one week off in October between now and Christmas. These nice relaxed and chilled days will soon be a thing of the past. So for the next week I’m just going to enjoy having them at home, and of course our last week with no alarm going off!!


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