My Cleaning Routine

I’ve shared my cleaning routine over on my channel, and thought I’d share it here too.

It’s divided into sections of time i.e things I do daily, weekly, twice a week etc. I’ve also included jobs that I think I’m lacking in,or that I could do on a more regular basis.

It’s by no means perfect and I’m honest about what I do and don’t do. I think it’s a pretty personal thing talking about home hygiene. We all do things differently and what suits our family life, there is no wrong way just what works best.


1/ Make our beds

We all make our beds as soon as we get up. If we don’t do it then, it probably won’t get done

2/ Bleach all 3 of the toilets

3/ Wash the kitchen floor

I do these 2 jobs first thing, before the kids come downstairs for breakfast, it just takes a couple of minutes and I only use floor wipes.

4/ Wash up after each meal

We don’t really use our dish washer, I’m not really sure why, we just wash up after each meal and give the counters a wipeover

5/ Wash up the dogs bowls

6/ Take out the bin

7/ At the end of all the mealtimes I disinfectant the sink area

Twice Weekly:

1/ Laundry

I wash our clothes on a Wednesday and Saturday, I don’t have a tumble dryer so drying in winter months is a bit of a pain

2/ Towels

Our towels get washed twice a week too


Sunday is my main house work day

1/ Dusting

Every Sunday I go around each room and polish the furniture and clean the light switches

2/ Wash floors

Once a week I wash the rest of the floors downstairs

3/ Vacuum

After washing the floors I then vacuum the whole house

4/ Bathroom and en suite

I clean these on a Sunday but a few times a week when I put the bleach down I’ll give them a very quick wipe over

5/ Sort washing out

I sort all the washing out today into everyone’s different piles


1/ All bedding

All our bedding gets changed once a fortnight, in an ideal world this would be once a week, but it never is so I’ve learnt to live with that


1/ Front door

I would say it’s around once a month I give our front door a wipe over and a few other outside bits

2/ Bannister

This could be done more really as it really does get grubby, same with the door frames

3/ Stair gate

Same with this, it’s one of those things you don’t think to clean until it’s sticky from little fingers!

Twice Yearly:

1/ A deep clean

Around twice a year in Spring and Autumn I have a bit more of a deep clean, which includes light fittings, skirting boards and hard to reach places like tops of cabinets.

2/ Major sort outs

A couple of times a year we tidy and sort out the garage and loft. We learnt years ago that with a family our size, it’s really easy to just dump everything we’re not using, or don’t know what to do with into these two places. Very quickly they become disorganized, untidy and hard to find stuff. So we really make an effort to stay on top of them both.

Kids Chores:

We don’t really ask too much of the kids, just a couple of jobs. They have to

1/ Make their beds

2/ Keep their rooms generally tidy

3/ Put their washing away

They are pretty good at never really leaving clutter lying around, which is something I’m really hot on. I can’t stand having lots of mess about. There is so many of us that if we all didn’t tidy up after ourselves the house would be a permanent obstacle course. So from a very young age the kids have always just tidied up after playing with toys, or putting their coat and shoes away when coming in from school. It really works for our house, but of course I don’t mind any toys out that are being played with.

Where I’m Lacking:

1/ Ironing

Ok I’m not really lacking in this area as this is through choice. Many years ago I decided to just stop ironing. I used to spend every Sunday for hours and hours ironing all our clothes. I used to have the gate on the kitchen as the kids were only toddlers and I was worried about the iron. They used to stand there watching me and I just felt so guilty that they wanted me and I needed to get 6 peoples ironing done, until I had a light bulb moment that I don’t actually have to do it. There was no law, so from that moment on I only iron things that I have to iron and I just don’t feel guilty for not doing it.

2/ Recycling

This is an area where we really need to step it up a bit. We do recycle, but there is definitely room for improvement, it’s easy to just throw a cardboard box in there, but I am guilty of not rinsing out food tins. We all decided a couple of weeks ago this is an area we need to make an effort in.

3/ our bedrooms

If ever I’m pushed for time, this is the area that suffers first. It’s hard for me to get into our bedroom as when I get up James goes to bed, and until recently not long after James got up Carson went to sleep in there.

That has changed now he’s moved out of our room, so I can clean it of an evening.

There are some weeks when I don’t quite finish cleaning the whole house but I don’t worry, I just start with that area the following week.

So that’s my cleaning routine it doesn’t always run smoothly, but I guess no home does.











  1. Cat
    01/09/2017 / 14:45

    Where did you get your home orgainser from??? Thanks x

    • kleigh
      01/09/2017 / 18:45

      Hi Cat I got the planner from Box clever press, it’s the Busy Days Planner. But the cleaning inserts are from a pack called the home planner for the household from Create 365

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