Back To School Prep

Well, we’re here, the last day of the holidays for the twins, so we’re in back to school prep mode.

The planner is going to be pretty full this week, we’re straight back up to dance tonight (Monday) for Cerise’s solo lesson. When we get home we’ll start our night before school routine for the twins. Casey starts back at football on Tuesday and Colby and Courtney are not back until Wednesday.

The twins are going back into Year 6, so they’ll be the oldest in the school, and as their birthday is in September they really are. We’ll get uniforms all set out and ready, all school bags packed with their new stationery. I’ll let them pick what they want in their lunch boxes and then they’ll get showers.

We’ve already been having a few early nights this last week, just to help get back into routine with the dreaded alarm clock!

Courtney is going back into year 8, and I really hope she enjoys this more than last year. She seems to have settled down the last few months of school when a few things got sorted out. She has all her things ready to go and she’s looking forward to seeing her friends.

Colby is going back into year 10, and this is the start of his education getting that little bit more serious. He knows this year will be harder all round and they’ll probably be a lot more homework, so he’s prepared for that.

Over the summer we’ve done a back to school series over on our channel.

Just to finish it off we’re doing back to school videos every day this week.

  • MONDAY- Back to school lunches grocery haul
  • TUESDAY- Night before back to school routine
  • WEDNESDAY- Back to school lunches food prep
  • THURSDAY- School lunch ideas
  • FRIDAY- The kids talk about their first week back at school

As soon as they go back to school, James and I turn our attention to birthdays and Christmas, as four of the kids and James all have their birthdays between now and Christmas, so we have to start straight away. The twins birthday is next week so I’ll start there first, and look at what the kids have asked for as their main Christmas present.

Dance comps are straight back as well, with one at the end of September. The girls will also audition for the panto again, but they know they may not get it this year.

So that’s what we’re heading for the next few months busy, busy, busy. But I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you soon

                       Kelly x





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