L.O.L Surprise Lil Sisters Doll

Our Cerise got the chance to review the L.O.L Surprise Lil Sisters doll from series 2.

If you watch our vlogs, you’ll know that she loves anything small, cute and collectible. These lil dolls definitely fit that bill.

It comes in this ball shape, and you unwrap five layers of fun. Each layer has a mystery, and you can try to work out which doll your going to get.

The first layer was a sticker sheet. There is a picture of a zip to show you where to unwrap.

The next layer was a secret message sticker.

The next layer was to open the ball and reveal 3 more wrappers. There was also some instructions and a collectors sheet.

Once unwrapped she had a pair of sunglasses, a handbag and her lil sisters doll.

After checking the collectors sheet, she found out her doll was lil Fancy. She placed her sticker on the sheet and promptly declared she was collecting the rest.

There are 45 dolls to collect in series 2!

You also get a key chain which you can either attach to the top of the ball and carry around, or you can sit the ball on top of the keychain which then acts as a little stand for it.

The last little surprise was that one half of the ball turns into a lil bath, and if you place the doll in and fill with water the doll will change colour. This worked only when we used ice cold water, which we had put in the freezer for a few minutes. Cerise loved this.

All in all, these lil dolls are cute and a lot of fun, especially if like Cerise they love carrying little toys around with them, and ticking off on the collectors sheet which ones they have. I guess they will be going on her Christmas list, and they are a fab stocking filler idea.

You can see Cerise’s review in action here:

The L.O.L Surprise Lil Sisters doll retail for around £4.99, from most toy shops.

See you soon

                   Kelly x






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