We’ve Finished The First Half Term

Well, we’ve finished the first half term of the school year in a few days. The kids are all looking forward to a weeks break, and of course so am I. This has been a pretty busy half term, with a few different things going on.

The girls had two weekends of competitions. This was the first time one of the group dances had come first. It was ‘The ole Bamboo’and both the girls are in that, so it was nice to celebrate with both of them.

Cerise didn’t place in her solo. To be honest I don’t think she will, well not for a while, she’s one of the youngest and it does show.

But the real shocker was her trio coming third place, the girls have only been learning it a few weeks, and to be honest it still needs a little polishing.

So all in all a good competition, and we’ll be returning to this venue in February.

Colby is very academically minded, but not great at sport, even though he loves it. So he was really happy to find out he’ll be playing for his groups football team each week. It gave him a little boost and he has now requested new football boots for his birthday at the end of the month.

The twins had their 11th birthday and had a fab time on the day. We went to town and build a bear, then on for a meal with their nan. Then the following weekend they went to a trampoline park with their cousins, and a few friends. They finished off with cake back at our house.

The girls both auditioned for the Panto again. It’s Aladdin at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

Cerise was given the news she had been given a part. Courtney didn’t and she was so disappointed. It was hard for me, as I was pleased for Cerise but very mindful that Courtney had now tried twice without success. She was still pleased for Cerise though and said she was excited to watch her in it.

My heart aches for Courtney sometimes. She has to try that bit harder for everything she wants, both in and out of school compared to her siblings and the last 18 months have been a little tough for her.

We’ve already bought tickets for a couple of the days Cerise is appearing.

I had a little break last week. I was invited to the YouTube space in London by Channel mum, for a Youtube master class event. I went with a fellow vlogger Haylee from My Happy Ever After we had such a fab day. We went down to London the day before and stayed in a hotel. The day itself was such a great experience for us.

We met lots of the Channel mum vloggers that we’ve watched for a couple of years. The girls were happy with the message that Sarah from The Ingham Family vlogged and she gave me a couple of wrist bands for them. I spent a lovely half hour or so talking to her, really lovely down to earth mum and I thought she was just as lovely as she is in their vlogs.

Back home, I’ve tried a few new recipes, including this Ratatouille. I quite liked it, but have to be honest and say I was on my own. James and the kids just weren’t that fussed on it which was a shame. I’ll still leave the recipe on my blog in the next few days though. It’s probably because there were a fair few vegetables in there that they may not have tried before. Never mind.


So that’s been our first half term at school, busy but fun. I hope you’ve all settled nicely into your school and work routines, and are looking forward to the Autumn and Winter months. They go on for so long that I do try to fully embrace them haha.

Don’t forget I upload to our channel everyday. There’s lots of different topics, both chatty vlogs and day in the life vlogs.

Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon

                      Kelly x



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