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I thought I’d have a chat and show you my Bullet Journal. I’m a complete newbie to it and I’m just getting my head around how it’s all meant to come together.

Don’t get me wrong you can have your Bullet Journal any way you want it, but there are a few things that set it apart from being just another notebook, diary or planner.

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

So I’m using the Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal. This is a purpose-built Bullet Journal so to speak, but there are plenty of other books out there that are just dot grid or square graph books, that are really all you need. There are a few extra things in this book, like tips to getting started, a numbered index, a key, an introduction to Bullet Journaling and a handy accordion style pocket at the back.


So what is Bullet journaling?

well, it’s like an organizational system that adapts to whatever you want or need to achieve. It can be your to-do list or your life planner, a doodling or sketch book, a diary or notebook or a little bit of everything.

There are four key things that makeup Bullet Journaling but you don’t have to incorporate them into all you do in the journal.

Rapid Logging: rapid logging is the use of short form notation, Bullets are short sentences that allow you to quickly log entries, divided into Tasks, Events and Notes.

Collections: collections serve to group and organize your entries, they can be anything from to-do lists to school notes, personal goals to bucket lists. The 3 core collections are the monthly log, the daily log and the future log.

Migration: migrating is an important part of Bullet Journaling. Any tasks that are not completed you decide if still relevant, if it is migrate it to the following month, if not cross the entire task out. The purpose of this is to make you consider each task and if it is worth your effort and time.

Indexing: The first few pages of your bullet journal will be your index, this is where it really comes into its own. The more you add to it the more you will use the index. The numbered pages are invaluable.

Why bullet journal?

The main goal and crux of Bullet Journalling is to help you save your valuable time. It’s to help you identify and focus on the things that really deserve your time.

Of course I’ve only just touched on Bullet Journalling, and there is so much more information out there. I’ve only really just started having a little go at it and I’m not going to start my daily logging until January, new year and all. But I have started filling in lots of other things so I’m all ready to go. So let’s have a little look.

This is my Future Log for next year, A year at a glance I guess, where I’ll write important dates.

This is a Bucket List, which I have to confess I’ve never done before but sounds like fun, thinking about things I would definitely like to see, do or acheive.

How funny that I put Diet Goals and favourite recipes on the same page, says it all really!

Recently I’ve finally got back into reading which I’m so pleased about, so I’m going to write down all the books I’d like to read, as I always forget. There’s also a page for continuing goals, which are things that are long running and things I am always striving for .

I’ve made a page of places that I’d love to visit and a page for birthdays.

Seeing as my blog and YouTube channel are a big part of my life, I will include things for this too, this page is a monthly tracker for all social media, which I guess is another continuing goal.

There are lots of accessories for the Bullet Journal. I’ve already bought some stencils to help with my abysmal art work and doodling. I really hope I can improve my writing as there are some beautiful Bullet Journals out there.

If your familiar with my blog or channel, you’ll know I’ve tried a few different planners over the last few months to help me get more organized. I’ve liked all of them so far, but want to make sure I find the right thing to best utilize my time.

If you’d like to see this in action you can watch it here:-

Thanks for stopping by

See you soon

                   kelly x


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