A New Year | A Look Back & A Look Forward

2018, a new year. How are we all doing?

It’s already a week into the new year, but the older kids have only just gone back to school today! They’re only back for 4 weeks and it’s half term.

So we had a lovely Christmas, James was off for two weeks, and we were so busy that first week. We had Courtney’s 13th birthday,

our anniversary and Cerise had all-sorts of Pantomime rehearsals and shows. We really enjoyed it and it’s worth all the commitment from the family.

The second week was a lot more relaxed once Christmas Eve arrived, we just had some nice quiet family time, playing games and watching T.V. James went back to work just before the new year, and it all just went so quick.

Looking back on 2017 it was a mix of emotions. The biggest thing was the loss of James dad in July. It was pretty much out of the blue, and up until a few weeks before he’d been fit and healthy, so was a shock to the family.

We had our lovely week away in between his death and the funeral. We tried to make the best of a sad situation and just enjoyed a nice bit of family time.

And of course the girls started doing their dance competitions, and it’s only now that we’ve done 4 competitions do I feel a bit comfortable with them. We were a little out of our comfort zone at first, but totally enjoyed them.

So some happier memories were also had. We made a lot of effort this to make sure we enjoyed time as a whole family whenever we could.

Looking forward to this year, we have no major plans, pretty much wanting the same as last year, to spend as much time as I can with the kids before they all go off and do their own thing in the not to distant future.

To continue working on my blog and YouTube channel  I have everything I’ve done with both platforms over the last year, and get a lot of joy from engaging with followers and subscribers. Even just being involved in the blogging and vlogging community has been so rewarding, chatting to people who are doing the same thing as me.

A few big changes are coming up this year, Carson will be starting nursery in September, I’ll miss him for those few hours, but will give James and I the chance to spend some time together.

Cerise and Casey will be starting high school in September and for the first time in 11 years will have no one in primary school.

Colby will turn 16 this year, I don’t know why but that seems like a bit of a milestone really. One that I’m not sure how I feel about!

I hope you have all had a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to this new year.

See you soon

                 Kelly x


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