What The Kids Eat For Lunch

I’ve been sharing meals for the week and what the kids eat for lunch over on my channel for nearly a year now. I really enjoy it, probably because I watch a lot of these types of videos myself. I watch for inspiration and ideas and hope that I return the favour.

I don’t do too much prep for lunches, in all honesty I just haven’t got the time to be really creative with it, but these videos are the ones I get the most nervous of putting up. I find any vlogs involving food gives such a wide variety of opinions and you can never really please everyone. Too healthy and it’s unrealistic, not enough fruits and veg and it’s too full of junk, too much and your kids overeat, too little and your kids must be starving. I’ve seen this on many vlogs.

So knowing this I just keep it realistic to what my kids actually have, is it totally healthy? No, is it full of junk? No. It’s a pretty average teen and tween lunch. I wouldn’t give this amount to my 2 year, or a 5 year old to be honest, but at 15, 13 and 11 they’re not tiny tots.

so here’s a run down of this weeks lunches for my 11 year old twins:


a mini sausage roll with a pot of brown sauce

half of a ham sandwich

a cheese string

a satsuma

a handful of malteasers

an orange juice box


a ham/marmite sandwich on milk roll

a yogurt tube

a mini cucumber

a few grapes

3 mini sausages

4 chocs leftover from Christmas

a juice bottle


4 crackers

a handful of pop chips

a babybel

a few tomatoes

a few grapes

a petit filous yogurt

a take away biscuit

an orange juice


2 snacksize sausagerolls

a pot of homemade trail mix

a few pop chips

a few pieces of melon

a gogo squeez apple sauce

aftereight mints from Christmas

an orange juice


a wholemeal jam sandwich

a few mini sausages

a few carrot batons

a pear

a choco break biscuit

cherries and berries juice

This is what goes in the boxes in a typical week, and they also take a bottle of water everyday too. The lunchboes we have used this week are from Amazon called cool bites. They’re currently unavailable but may come back in stock.

This video will be going up tonight at 6pm on my channel  and next week will be my 2 year old lunches.


See you soon

                    Kelly x


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